Can the Celtics Convince Kyrie Irving to stay in Boston Long-Term.mp3Kyrie Irving has an important decision to make this offseason. Where is he going to play what will presumably be the final stretch of his intriguing career. Does he stay with one of the most iconic franchises in all of sports in the Boston Celtics or does he explore any and all options? At the end of the day, I’m going to do what is best for my career.” When pressed on the issue, he said “Ask me on July 1st.” He also said he sees what the New York Knicks, a rumored potential suitor for Irving when he’s a free agent, are doing and that he respects the franchise. Irving did say his plan for now is to still be a Celtic and “Obviously Boston is still at the head of that race. For his part, Celtics general manager Danny Ainge chimed in with this. The way I viewed the situation is that I think a lot of people, because of Kyrie's announcement at the beginning of the year, thought that there was a marriage," Ainge said on Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub. "And I think that it's more like an engagement. And we're going to get married on July 1st. I think that engagement is still on, as far as I know. "In my individual conversations with Kyrie, we're still engaged, but we really can't make those vows, sign that contract, until July 1st," Ainge said, noting that he and Irving had some "good conversations" on the matter. The obvious elephant in the room is how will the chatter surrounding Irving's future affect the Celtics as they enter postseason play, their offseason plans this summer and their pursuit of Anthony Davis? Jared Weiss Celtics writer for The Athletic joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan over the weekend, to dish on Irving’s future, their postseason outlook and so much more. 19:07February 25, 2019
NBA Rapid Fire With Jeff Smith.mp3The Philadelphia 76ers aren’t being bashful about their intentions. The process is over and the time to win is now. There viewing there best shot at a championship in the hear and now, thus they’ve decided to mortgage the future for a shot at instant success. By loading up there starting five with two household names in Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris. Was it the right move to make? Are the Sixers the prohibitive favorite and presumptive nominee to win the Eastern Conference after adding those two superstars to their core group of: Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and JJ Redick? Meanwhile, out west how will the Los Angeles Lakers failed pursuit of Anthony Davis effect the chemistry on the court, overall morale and team’s playoff chance as they fight to make the NBA’S 2nd season? What does it all mean for Lakers head coach Luke Walton, LeBron James and the future of the team? All issues 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan discussed with Jeff Smith, Senior Sports Analyst for over the weekend. 14:44February 18, 2019
Tackling NFL Topics With Jeff Smith.mp3Colin Kaepernick has been blackballed out of the NFL now for two-straight years. For taking a knee and stand against social injustice and the most powerful league in all of sports. However, on Friday Kaepernick received some vindication. While it wasn’t the action of clearing someone of blame or suspicion. It was proof that someone or something is right, reasonable, or justified. That someone was Kaepernick himself it appears, as the league, Kaepernick and Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid settled their grievance in connection to Kaepernick’s claim the league colluded against the former super bowl runner-up and social justice advocate for his decision not to stand for the national anthem. Did NFL owners cooperate in a secret or unlawful way in order to deceive or gain an advantage over Kaepernick? It sure appears to look this way. As the league prepares to turn the page from this issue the larger more prevalent question becomes, how far as the NFL come in effectively handling the social justice issues which, are on top of mind to its players, and how far do they still need to go? Jeff Smith is a sports writer for Heavy. He has covered a wide range of sports for ESPN, USA TODAY Sports Media Group, FOX Sports, Bleacher Report and CBS Sports. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan over the weekend to debate some NFL Hot Topics. You can follow him on Twitter @JSM8ith. 26:05February 18, 2019
ESPN’s Michael Rothstein Dishes on Detroit Lions offseason priorities.mp3Michael Rothstein covers the Lions for ESPN. He joins 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan this week to provide a glimpse inside the team’s approach as they enter a critical offseason. Can this be the one which finally propels the team to greater heights?20:52February 16, 2019
Bryce Harper is still a free-agent what Gives.mp3Were full steam ahead into spring training now, as preeminent favourite Bryce Harper is still without a home. So, let’s address the elephant in the room what gives? Why are so many superstars across the diamond still homeless and wondering where their going to break bread this season? In Harper’s case, the overwhelming sentiment appears to surface around the notion of feeling of being engaged in an elongated game of speed dating with Harper. With several big market teams, the latest being San Francisco and Philadelphia who are attempting to make their pitch as to why Harper should sign with them. In your opinion where do we stand in the Bryce Harper sweepstakes? This is the first question 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan posed to Tim Shovers Executive Producer of Podcasting at NBC Sports Washington. When he joined him this week to answer the question: Where does Harper’s future lie? Is he loyal to the only team he’s ever known, or does he think its time for a new challenge in his career? Get Shovers’s opinion in the latest edition of the 2Man Advantage Podcast.6:59February 15, 2019
NFL Hot Topics with Tim Shovers.mp3Depending on who you ask the NFL finds itself still in high favor by some however, not so much by others. You can’t help but wonder, are the off the field issues effecting the on the field product and the bottom line? Tim Shovers Executive Producer of Podcasting at NBC Sports Washington joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan this week to tackle a whole host of varying NFL hot topics. They began the conversation by examining the NFL’s national perception. Less people are watching the league. In 2018 there were 184.2 million people who watched an NFL game at some points, while in 2017 there were 189.2 million people who watched an NFL game. The dip in viewership can largely be pointed to the social justice divide across the country. Does the league have a public relations concern or is it simply an anomaly? Coaching hires across the league were also a big news maker during this offseason to this point. There were three prominent aspects to this year’s coaching hiring cycle. A youth movement, offensively minded coaches who specialized in developing quarterbacks and the lack of minority candidates. When you look at the new coaches what is your overriding opinion on the trajectory of coaching around the NFL? With the dust settled from the Super Bowl the two also go back and examine, why the game was so incredibly sluggish from an athletic and entertainment value. Redskins talk as well as the most pressing NFL headlines to watch this offseason, capped off the list of talking points. As the two have a wide-ranging discussion on a hodgepodge of issues affecting the league in the here and now. 6:59February 14, 2019
What’s Next for Dez Bryant Following his release from the Dallas Cowboys.mp3Introspection the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes. Is an accurate description of how to summarize the release of Dez Bryant. When economics and emotions meet at the same intersection in a sports relationship, often dollars and cents override any sentimental attachment you make with any one player. Closing a chapter after a long-standing relationship is never easy. However, the world of business and sports ins a cold-hearted reality wen production doesn’t meet or coincide with the salary you make, or the expectations placed upon you. If you’re looking to encapsulate what occurred this week, this is a good way to construct a simplified and concise explanation. Therefore, the question is what’s next for Bryant? Mitchell Renz Senior Writer & On-Air Host at Chat Sports joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Sunday, to review the Cowboys decision to release Bryant, and what’s next for the often emotional, sometimes volatile yet talented wideout.18:36April 15, 2018
FanSided NBA Contributor Jason Patt Previews 2018 Playoffs.mp3Competitive balance in the NBA is at an interesting intersection of intrigue across the league. With the playoffs set to commence over the weekend, 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan wanted an in-depth analysis of how this year’s field would shake out. Jason Patt NBA Contributor at FanSided joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Friday, to preview everything you need to know in advance of the playoffs. Whose excited for the playoffs to begin over the weekend?20:18April 13, 2018
Will Baker Mayfield Make a successful transition to the NFL.mp3Baker Mayfield proved he had a winning prowess during his time leading the Oklahoma Sooners on the field as one of the most successful quarterbacks in the school’s illustrious history. The Heisman Trophy winner accomplished everything except capturing a national championship. However, his brash and straightforward demeanour endeared Mayfield to the Sooners fans. It was also filled with some controversial moments which some may point to as the experiences he has to learn from, if he wants to experience success at the next level. 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan wanted to go straight to a reliable source who has firsthand knowledge of Mayfield’s tenure in Norman Oklahoma and how this experience will help or hurt him at the next level. Therefore, he enlisted the prospective of Cody Stavenhagen. An Oklahoma Sooners beat writer for the Tulsa World Media Co. Who joined McShan on Monday to provide his perspective.12:11April 09, 2018
Dr. Bryan Abasolo Talks The Dr. Abs lifestyle the Bachelorette and more.mp3Dr. Bryan Abasolo won the heart of Rachel Lindsay on the Bachelorette and become a household name in the process. However, Abasolo a chiropractic doctor is also interested in another kind of mission helping you take control of your health and giving you a non-time-consuming way to transform both you mind, body and attitude both physically and psychologically. Are you ready to take charge of your health in 2018? Are you ready to make fitness a top priority? Do you have at least 30 minutes a day? Well, if you answered yes, to any of those questions then Dr. Bryan Abasolo has a solution which may fit perfectly into your everyday life. You probably know him best from his time courting Rachel Lindsay on the Bachelorette however, this Chiropractic doctor wants to help you take control of your fitness routine. The former reality TV Star stopped by the 2Man Advantage Podcast on Monday, to dish on the Dr. ABS lifestyle brand, his love story with Rachel Lindsay and more. Don’t miss this highly informative, entertaining and high energy chat with Abasolo.22:00February 28, 2018
Senior NBA Analyst for Basketball Insiders Tommy Beer Dishes On Latest NBA Headlines.mp3Are you ready for the NBA playoffs to begin? Do you want the last third of the NBA regular season to hurry up and go away? Are you hankering for some of the latest news and notes around the league? Well, today is your lucky day because Tommy Beer Senior NBA Analyst for Basketball Insiders and Writer for NBC Rotoworld joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to dish on the latest news and notes making headlines around the NBA.18:36February 26, 2018
Examining the effects of Empathic Coaching with- Ken King .mp3To be empathetic is defined by: showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another. The evolution of empathetic coaching is on the rise. Causing coaches from all spectrums of sports to pause and ponder the benefits of maximizing the value of their athlete’s capabilities to reach their fullest potential, versus connecting with them on a more human level. Upon further inspection this notion raises an additional question of how do you strike a delicate balance between the two? Kenneth King is the Head Women's Basketball Coach and a Kinesiology Instructor at Red Deer College he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Wednesday, to answer this central question.13:39February 14, 2018
Was trading for Blake Griffin a good long-term investment for the Detroit Pistons.mp3Blake Griffin is being tasked with the responsibility of becoming the centerpiece of a trade which helps to transform the fortunes of the Detroit Pistons for the better. Is mortgaging the future for one of the NBA’S top 20 players worth the risk? Matt Shepard covers the Pistons for Fox Sports Detroit. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Tuesday, to discuss the impact of the Griffin trade and what it means for the team both on and off the court.11:04February 06, 2018
Can the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texas reach elite status next season.mp3Kevin John is a sports anchor for KYTX CBS19 in Tyler Texas. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Wednesday, to dish on the state of NFL football in the Lone Star State. Can either team return to prominence next season? John has some strong opinions do you agree with his take?24:01February 01, 2018
Nate Lawrie Talks Brazyn Life, His NFL Career and More.mp3Former NFL tight end Nate Lawrie wanted his life to be defined by more than just his time playing professional football. He’s made a successful transition to the business world using something commonly found in most NFL locker rooms today, a foam roller. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts, Kevin McShan on Friday, to talk the Brazyn Life, his NFL career, business and more.18:28January 26, 2018
Was Bringing Back Marvin Lewis the Right Decision for the Cincinnati Bengals.mp3Marvin Lewis is the winningest coach in Cincinnati Bengals history and despite missing out on postseason play the last two years, owner Mike Brown is giving Lewis another shot to lead the Bengal Tiger to the highest of heights by inking him to a two-Year contract extension. Was this the right move for Brown to make? With 15 years at the helm with no playoff wins to speak of isn’t this reason for dismissal? Jay Morrison Cincinnati Bengals beat writer for Cox Media Group spent part of his Thursday reviewing the ramifications of the decision by Brown to retain Lewis as head coach.19:14January 18, 2018
Bulldogs lose a heartbreaker No redemption For Falcons Talking Georgia Sports with Mitch Evans (1).mp3Mitch Evans Sports Anchor/Writer at iHeartMedia who covers all Georgia sports for the Georgia News Network, and Cox Media Group. He joined Kevin McShan on the 2Man Advantage Podcast on Sunday, recaps both the Bulldogs and Falcons seasons.9:30January 17, 2018
Notable NHL News with Jared Clinton.mp3The first day of fall is now officially here which means hockey season is right around the corner. Can you taste it? Jared Clinton is a Contributor to The Hockey News. He is ready to dish on the most pertinent headlines surrounding everything happening in the NHL. He spent part of his week, on the 2Man Advantage Podcast chatting with Kevin McShan getting you up to speed on everything you need to know as we prepare to drop the puck, on another hockey season.23:25September 22, 2017
Are the Lions Right to bet on Matthew Stafford can he lead them to the next level.mp3The only thing missing on Matthew Stafford’s resume is winning in the playoffs. The Detroit Lions are putting all their eggs in the Stafford basket and hoping he is the man to lead them to the highest of heights. After making Stafford the highest paid player in the NFL, for now the question becomes can Stafford deliver on the field as the Lions have now padded his bank account? Michael Stets is a Host for the Detroit Lions Radio Network WJR760 Radio and he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Friday, to preview the Lions new season and dish on Stafford’s new deal.21:27September 10, 2017
Can the Trade of Justin Verlander help expedite the Tigers Rebuild.mp3The Detroit Tigers have accepted a harsh and difficult reality. They are now, a rebuilding baseball team. After a decade, plus of pulling no punches and doing whatever it took to win. The most notable name Detroit has shipped out of town is Justin Verlander after more than 12 years of proudly wearing the old English D, he’s off to do bigger and better things in America’s fourth largest city in Houston. With Verlander gone it begs the question what’s the future of the Tigers look like? How painful will this rebuild be? Zachary Rymer is an MLB writer for Bleacher Report. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Friday, to talk Tigers rebuild, Verlander’s future and more.17:36September 09, 2017
With Justin Verlander traded to Houston what’s next for the Tigers.mp3For the first time in 12 years Justin Verlander isn’t a member of the Detroit Tigers. As the Tigers have now officially dove head first into rebuild mode. Favouring youth and athleticism over high priced veterans. Ted Berg MLB Writer at USA TODAY Sports Media Group joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan, on Wednesday, to dish on the state of the Tigers following their massive makeover.17:40September 07, 2017
Michigan Wolverines Football Chalk Talk With Adam Biggers.mp3Adam Biggers Assistant Managing Editor of Today's U at FanRag Sports stopped by the 2Man Advantage Podcast on Friday and chatted with Kevin McShan about everything Michigan Football. How will the Maze and Blue fair this season?21:27August 26, 2017
FanSided Senior NBA Editor Ian Levy talks Kyrie Irving Trade and more.mp3Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas will be forever joined at the hip as the two players at the center of the trade which allowed Irving the chance to escape the shadow of LeBron James and have the chance to stand on his own. What should we make of Tuesday’s big trade? 2Man Advantage Podcast Kevin McShan wanted some answers about the trade and some other headline worthy topics around the league on Friday. As a result, he turned to Ian Levy a Senior NBA Editor and Columnist for @FanSided about all things NBA on this Friday.22:51August 26, 2017
Hard Knocks Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp Preview with John Sabol.mp3There is an undeniable buzz and excitement in the air in Tampa, where expectations are through the roof for this young, yet extremely talented team. Can Jameis Winston take the next step in his progression and lead his team to the postseason for the first time in his career? Can Tampa become one of the sleeper teams which emerges from the ultracompetitive NFC South? The national spotlight is getting ready to shine on Tampa as they get set to appear on the HBO hit series Hard Knocks on August 8. What can the public expect to see? John Sabol is an award-Winning TV Sports Anchor/Reporter & News Anchor @ABCActionNews WFTS in Tampa. He spent part of his Friday laying out the blue print for success for Tampa, with 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan.28:20August 05, 2017
Can the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight positively effect boxing’s future.mp3Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor’s upcoming flight is boxing's attempt to resurrect the sport as they search for any shred of relevancy. the quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate within the sports landscape. However, tickets for this highly hyped event aren’t selling leaving people to wonder what exactly is the future of pro boxing? Making any major proclamations concerning the future of the sport relies on the quality the audience is given to watch. With all of this said, what should we expect to see on August 26th when the two square off in the ring? Ryan Songalia Reporter at @RingMagazine. #Boxing Writers Association of America joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to preview this highly anticipated bout in the ring, on Tuesday.19:25August 01, 2017
NBA News Whip-round with SB Nation NBA Writer Tim Cato.mp3Tim Cato Staff Writer at SB Nation provides you with a national NBA prospective on all things NBA. From Kyrie Irving's trade demand to the Impact of the new pairing of Russell Westbrook and Paul George Cato has it all covered. It may be summer and the action on the hardwood may be taking a break, but the NBA Offseason Hot Stove is cooking up plenty of notable notes. Cato joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Tuesday, to get all of you up to speed.19:48July 26, 2017
Amateur Bodybuilder Theodore Atkins Dishes on his Career, Fitness and More.mp3IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Theodore Atkins is driven to ensure everyone he encounters “stays up and stays healthy. “For Atkins, its rather simple he's committed to paying it forward. This compassionate certified teacher is training to dive into the pool of possibility and take his passion for fitness and bodybuilding to the next level. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to discuss all his ongoing initiatives.14:54July 17, 2017
As the Youngest head coach in College Football is Lincoln Riley ready to lead Oklahoma.mp3Lincoln Riley will coach his first game for the Sooners at 33 years old on Sept. 2 against UTEP -- just three days before his birthday -- making him the youngest head coach in the top division of college football. He said the promotion is a dream. "When you decide you want to do this, these are things you just dream about,” Riley told reporters in Norman, Okla. "I feel like I'm honestly living a dream right now." Is he ready to assume such a huge responsibility and help maintain the Sooners national level of prominence in the Big 12 and all of college football? Ryan Aber Oklahoma Sooners beat writer for The Oklahoman and joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Friday, to discuss Riley’s rise to the top spot, the legacy of Bob Stoops and more.20:17July 08, 2017
Can Luke Kennard Help Fix the Detroit Pistons offensive woes.mp3The Detroit Pistons struggled mightily to shoot the basketball a season ago. Their hoping by drafting Duke sharp shooter Luke Kennard they’ll go along way to fixing what ails them on offense. Meanwhile, another question plaguing this team is where are the on the court leaders? What is the true identity of this team and who’s going to step forward and leads the troops? Braden Shackelford is a contributor to PistonPowered- he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Wednesday, to dish on the impact Kennard could have on the Pistons and the current state of the team as currently constituted.24:23July 06, 2017
NFL Training Camp News Preview with David P. Woods.mp3David P. Woods Senior Editor at theScore, Inc. knows its been a long-time sense we’ve seen any NFL football on the field, and he also knows how much we need to fulfill the craving for some football. Therefore, the new dad, took some time out of his busy schedule to join 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to get all of us up to speed on the latest news and notes around the NFL.24:42July 04, 2017
Your NFC North Primer with Matt Verderame.mp3If the Green Bay Packers still employ Aaron Rodgers they’ll have a golden opportunity to maintain a stranglehold on the NFC North division. If you’re willing to accept such a notion what can the other teams in the division do to close the perceivable gap? Each of the other teams within the division executed distinctly different game plans to shorten their chase of the cheese heads for the top spot. Can the Minnesota Vikings use their top five capable defense and improved running game with Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray to build on their 5-0 start from a year ago, before they faltered down the stretch as they lost strength and momentum? As for the Lions, they’ve made a clear investment in their offensive line snagging perhaps the top two offensive linemen on the market in free agency in T.J. Lang and Rick Wagner. All to jumpstart a stagnant running game from a year ago. Meanwhile on defense, they used the draft to get both faster and younger on that side of the ball. Jarrad Davis is expected to be an instant impact player for them but will it be enough? As for the team which represents the Windy City the Bears shocked the football universe during the 2017 NFL Draft when they traded up one spot to select North Carolina quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky with the 2nd overall pick. What does the move mean for the short and long-term future of the Monsters of the Midway? How do the Bears stack up with the rest of the division with Mike Glennon as their day one starter? How long will it be until we see Mitchell Trubisky on the field and what does this all mean for John Fox? Plenty of questions surround the current state of the NFC North. To help us put some answers to those questions 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan was joined by Matt Verderame TIME Inc. NFL expert, lead longform writer and video content creator at FanSided division, to put all the news and notes in the NFC North into clearer prospective.16:44June 23, 2017
Pistons Powered Editor Duncan Smith Previews 2017 Detroit Pistons NBA Draft.mp3Detroit Pistons president and head coach Stan Van Gundy has been given autonomy to build and shape the Pistons in any fashion he sees fit. Thus far to say it’s been a mixed bag of results would be an understatement. This Thursday’s NBA Draft, is critically important to continue a progression in the right direction for this organization. Duncan Smith is the Editor @PistonPowered. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan, on Wednesday to preview Detroit’s options at No. 12 and gives his thoughts on the current state of the franchise.26:20June 22, 2017
Would Chauncey Billups be a good fit for the Cleveland Cavaliers.mp3Chauncey Billups helped to lead the Detroit Pistons to a championship back in 2004. Now he may be ready to help the Eastern Conference’s top team the Cleveland Cavaliers and one of Detroit’s top rivals maintain their reign atop the conference and find a way to overtake the superpower which is the Golden State Warriors. After the surprising firing of David Griffin can Billups help to bring some stability to Cleveland’s fractured front office? Could the move potentially keep LeBron James with his hometown team? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan, spent part of his Wednesday, chatting with Duncan Smith the Editor @PistonPowered to discuss Billups’s potential move to the Cavs.3:45June 22, 2017
Jason Mackey Pittsburgh Penguins beat writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Recaps Pittsburgh’s historic Stanley Cup Run.mp3The NHL season has drawn to a historic close. Which affords us the opportunity to reflect on the Pittsburgh Penguins record setting run. Jason Mackey Penguins beat writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gave 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan the inside scoop on how this historic reached the ultimate climax.19:49June 16, 2017
Tas Melas Co-Host of The Starters on NBA TV Talks NBA Finals and More.mp3Tas Melas Co-Host of The Starters on NBA TV took some time out of his busy schedule on Monday, to stop by the 2Man Advantage Podcast to preview Game 5 of the NBA Finals and lend his thoughts on what we’ve seen, what’s to come and other news and notes from around the league. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan for a highly energetic and spirited chat.21:51June 12, 2017
Will Former Michigan quarterback Shane Morris succeed at Central Michigan.mp3Shane Morris isn’t ready to throw in the towel on his NFL dream or securing a starting quarterback job in college football. The former Michigan quarterback is ready to battle to be the lead man at Central Michigan. Can he reboot but his college career and his NFL dream? Nate Schneider is a Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun writer for CMU football, he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to discuss Morris’s future at CMU and his chances of playing at the next level. 12:50June 05, 2017
Why Aren’t People Watching more Sports.mp3Are you joining a growing contingent of sports fans who are becoming disinterested in consuming sports? There is a not so secret trend happening in sports broadcasting. People aren’t tuning in as they once did. Young people have far more entertainment options than ever before, and spend less time in front of the TV. From Snapchat to Candy Crush, young people are developing new media consumption habits at a rapid clip. Josh Corman Co-Host of the Read Harder podcast, Contributing Editor at Book Riot & contributor to Kentucky Sports Radio's pop culture blog, joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Friday, to discuss some of the latest trends as to why people aren’t watching or going to as many sporting events as they once did.25:26June 03, 2017
NFL Rule Changes Review with Dan Labbe.mp3The NFL has decided to put the fun back into football. Easing up on the touchdown celebration rule which will allow players to freely express themselves following a score. On Tuesday, the league announced it will relax rules on celebrations. Bring on the fade-away jumpers, snow angels, and group dances. In a letter to fans from Commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL said it wants to allow players "more room to have fun after they make big plays." Goodell spoke with more than 80 current and former NFL players about relaxing the rules on celebrations. "We know that you love the spontaneous displays of emotion that come after a spectacular touchdown," the Commissioner said in the letter. "And players have told us they want more freedom to be able to express themselves and celebrate their athletic achievements." Goodell elaborated on the decision after Tuesday's Spring League Meeting in Chicago wrapped up. "We saw a lot of interest in liberalizing and allowing the players a little more freedom to be able to express their joy, their individuality and frankly celebrate the game," Goodell said. "So that's what we think we've accomplished here. There will be an ongoing dialogue with a lot of parties to make sure that we implement it." The relaxed rules aren't a free for all. Offensive demonstrations, celebrations that are prolonged and delay the game, and celebrations directed at an opponent, will still be penalized, the letter said, in order continue "sportsmanship, clean competition, and setting good examples for young athletes." Meanwhile, the league has now shortened overtime by five minutes. NFL team owners approved shortening overtime in the preseason and regular season from 15 to 10 minutes at the Spring League Meeting in Chicago on Tuesday. The approval comes after the proposal was initially presented to owners during the Annual League Meeting in March. The rule change is aimed at improving player safety. There have been concerns about the number of additional plays teams undergo while playing a full 15-minute overtime period, especially when one of the teams is subject to playing its next game on a short week. Dan Labbe Browns reporter at joined 2Man Advantage Podcast Kevin McShan on Tuesday to provide his thoughts on how the new rule changes will affect the way in which we play football in 2017.5:18May 31, 2017
Cleveland Browns Confidential With Dan Labbe.mp3Can Myles Garrett have the same impact on Cleveland sports as LeBron James? Can he help transform the Browns into a winner? The good news is there is nowhere to go but up. Dan Labbe Browns reporter at is in the trenches covering the Browns on a daily basis. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Tuesday, to provide a status update on the state of the Browns and whether the front office, has the team headed in the right direction.16:04May 31, 2017
Talking Tigers with 97.1 The Ticket’s Dennis Fithian.mp3The Detroit Tigers are treading water. Hovering around the .500 mark, however, a deep and extended run of success may be around the corner. Right fielder J.D. Martinez returned Friday night and almost immediately made his presence felt, hitting two home runs Saturday, further deepening an already deep lineup. With the lineup back at full strength, how large is the celling for this veteran group? As they make one final push for postseason glory? Dennis Fithian from 97.1 The Ticket joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to get us all up to speed on all the latest news surrounding the old English D.27:07May 16, 2017
Your NBA Roundup with_ Jake Fischer.mp3Jake Fischer is an NBA Producer/Reporter for @SInow he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the playoffs, the offseason, the upcoming draft and more.24:55May 15, 2017
Detroit Lions Post-Draft Aftermath With Michael Stets .mp3Michael "Stets" Steczkowski Studio Host (Detroit Lions Countdown to Kickoff) at WJR 760 AM has a front row seat to all the latest Lions news he gets you all up to date on all the post-draft headlines surrounding the Detroit Lions. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Thursday, to break it down.16:06May 12, 2017
Former NFL offensive lineman Marques Ogden Talks Life after Football.mp3Its critically important to plan a life after football or athletics to win at the game of life. For former NFL offensive lineman Marques Ogden rose to success from being a red-shirted freshman on his Howard University football team, to being drafted by the NFL, to play for five years on NFL teams including the Jacksonville Jaguars, Titans, Bills and Ravens. Now, he is a respected entrepreneur, businessman, mentor, sought-after motivational speaker, best-selling author and he most recently was offered to play for the Canadian Football League. It’s clear he has put together a successful game plan to win at the game of life. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to talk Faith, family, football, business and more.11:29May 08, 2017
Jason Cole NFL reporter for Recaps 2017 NFL Draft.mp3The 2017 NFL Draft didn’t lack surprises leaving some to call it the most unpredictable they’ve seen in recent memory. From character concerns, investing in the most important position in all of sports and teams willing to engage in a game of let’s make a deal, the 2017 NFL draft, was chalk full of intrigue. Jason Cole is a NFL reporter for He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Thursday, to recap all the happenings we saw during the Draft.14:36May 05, 2017
Rudy Reyes Recaps 2017 NFL Draft and dishing on NBA playoffs.mp3We saw a whole new meaning to the phrase quarterback is the most important position in all of sports over the weekend in Philadelphia. With three teams trading up into the first 12 picks to select what they hope will be the new faces of their troubled franchises. How should we react to what we witnessed during the weekend around the NFL? Rudy Reyes Sports Talk Show Host on TheRudeDogShow joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Tuesday to put a bow on what we saw go down in Philadelphia over the weekend during the 2017 NFL Draft.He also dives into some of the latest news surrounding the NBA Playoffs as well. He also chats about the latest news about the NBA Playoffs.11:49May 03, 2017
With Rob Hennigan out What’s next for the Orlando Magic.mp3Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins and the DeVos family implicitly endorsed the hiring of Rob Hennigan five years ago, when they made him the youngest general manager in the league. However, five years and no playoff appearances later Hennigan is out of a job and the Magic are searching for an identity on the court Nick Gryniewicz Host - ESPN Radio Orlando delivered some strong opinions on the current state of the franchise and Hennigan’s ouster, when he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Friday.12:18April 25, 2017
A national Viewpoint on the Detroit Pistons and NBA Finals With Justin Walters.mp3Justin Walters the Sports Director at WRNN TV in New York, took time out of his Friday schedule to join 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to provide a national view print on a potential rematch in the NBA Finals from a year ago, and giving the Detroit Pistons reasons for hope heading into the offseason. As they look to regroup and rebound to make it back to the playoffs next season. After ending this regular season with a giant thud. Do you agree with Walters’s prospective?5:14April 23, 2017
Detroit Lions Offseason Overhaul with Anthony Bellino.mp3On the top of Bob Quinn’s to-do-list this offseason was to upgrade Detroit’s offensive line. He did just that with the signings of T.J. Lang and Rick Wagner shelling out more than $76 million for both players. A new long-term deal for quarterback Matthew Stafford also seems to be in the pipeline this offseason. Which both side showing a desire to get it done. There are certainly plenty of things to wrap your head around when it comes to Detroit’s offseason. To help us do just that, 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan, enlisted the insight and prospective of Anthony Bellino, Host of Toledo's only live, local, sports talk morning show "The Fox Sports Morning Blitz, with Anthony Bellino & Chris Burns" on WCWA - Fox Sports 1230 Toledo. Bellino also serves as a pre-game host for the Lions on gameday. He appeared on the show on Wednesday to provide in-depth analysis on the job Quinn has done in reshaping this roster.30:52April 20, 2017
What does Miles Bridges’ decision to return to MSU mean for the Spartans?Miles Bridges won’t be a one and done at Michigan State. He is coming back to the Spartans for his sophomore season to chase a national championship. How does his return effect expectations for the Green and White? Chris Solari is a Michigan State Basketball beat writer for the Detroit Free Press. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Tuesday, to break down Bridges’s decision to return to school.13:57April 18, 2017
2017 NFL Draft Preview With CBS NFL Writer Brian Jones.mp3Christmas in April is almost here. The NFL Draft is now less than three weeks away. Brian Jones is a NFL Writer at CBS Interactive and he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to preview all things NFL Draft. Which is now less than three weeks away.21:21April 11, 2017
NHL News and Notes with TSN’s Mark Roe.mp3Are you ready for the NHL Playoffs to start, are you itching for some postseason hockey? Are you ready for the intense adrenaline rush? Tuesday, was a hectic bur yet productive day around the 2Man Advantage Podcast. Were committed to getting you ready for some high-flying NHL Playoff action. Mark Roe from TSN - The Sports Network – Canada spent part of his Tuesday, on the 2Man Advantage Podcast chatting with Kevin McShan about all the latest news and notes surrounding the NHL.20;29April 05, 2017 Toronto Correspondent Dave McCarthy Talks Toronto Correspondent Dave McCarthy, spent his Friday on the 2Man Advantage Podcast, chatting about everything Toronto Maple Leafs as the team surges towards the postseason. What are some keys for success and what should we expect from the Leafs as they prepare to enter the playoffs hopefully for the first time under coach Mike Babcock? McCarthy, has you covered with all you need to know.15:38March 25, 2017
NBA News Mix with John Chick.mp3John Chick is an NBA News Editor for theScore, Inc. and he has some strong opinions on how the NBA postseason will shake out, the impact of some major injuries around the league and what we should be watching out for during the offseason. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcast Kevin McShan on Monday, to share his prospective on a variety of topics around the league.15:25March 07, 2017
Your NFL Offseason Primer with Andrew Marden.mp3It’s been nearly a month without any NFL football on Sundays are you surviving? Are you craving some juicy gridiron tidbits do you need to listen to some NFL chalk talk? Will at the 2Man Advantage Podcast we aim to please. Let’s spend some time getting down to the nitty gritty of the matter, with Andrew Marden the Sports Director at KGPE-TV & KSEE-TV who stopped by on Friday to get us up to date on all your NFL offseason news.23:06March 05, 2017
NBA Trade Deadline Aftermath with- Paul McGaughey.mp3How did the lack of movement at the NBA’S Trade deadline effect the landscape of the league for the rest of the season and beyond? Paul McGaughey, Senior Writer for stopped by the 2Man Advantage Podcast, Monday to provide his two sense on what transpired leading up to and at the deadline. How does the NBA landscape stack up now after everything is said and done? McGaughey provides you with some answers.6:51February 27, 2017
Your Michigan sports update with Adam Biggers.mp3Both Michigan and Michigan state have had somewhat uneven years on the hardwood. Which one of the two of them have the best chance to make the tourney this year if any at all? Also Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh has made Michigan a national power again in the Eyes of the media. However, he has yet to win anything big on the National stage. Should there be more pressure on Harbaugh to deliver in the postseason? Or can he simply continue to rest on his laurels? Friend of the Program Adam Biggers returns to get you up to date on everything you need to know when it comes to Michigan’s college sports landscape.10:00February 22, 2017
Sports year in Review 2016 with- WSAV-TVS Rex Castillo.mp3Rex Castillo Weekend Sports Anchor/Sports Reporter at WSAV-TV, recaps the year in sports in 2016 on Thursday on the 2Man Advantage Podcast with Kevin McShan. The good, the bad and the ugly. Do you agree with his prospective? Check out everything you need to know about last year in sports during Castillo’s 30-minute appearance on the show.31:53January 06, 2017
Its time to talk NFL Playoffs with USA Today’s Justin Witmondt.mp3Well its official. Another NFL season is in the books. The real question is now is what should we make of it? Justin Witmondt Writer for The Giants Wire at USA TODAY Sports Media Group joined 2Man Advantage Podcast Kevin McShan on Monday, to recap what we saw, what we should think and what lies ahead for this NFL Season.21:38January 03, 2017
Who’s going to win the NFC North.mp3For the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, it all comes down to this. One game, securing a playoff berth and a divisional title. Ford Field is sure to be rocking. Can Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford secure one of the most important wins of his career and get that ever-elusive signature win? Or will Green Bay signal caller Aaron Rodgers cement his MVP candidacy by resurrecting Green Bay’s season from a 4-6 crossroads? So, what’s going to give? Who is going to win the NFC north? Can the Lions finish what they started or will it be another epic collapse something the Lions know all too well? Or will they find a way to change the narrative and win the division for the first time in 23 years? Can the Packers capitalize on Aaron Rodgers stellar MVP lie play to make a deep super bowl run? Charlie Sokaitis is the Sports Director at NBC26 in Green Bay he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to breakdown the pivotal NFC North title showdown on Thursday.13:54December 29, 2016
Did the SEC Have a down year can anyone stop Alabama.mp3Remaining the top ticket in town can often prove to be challenging over a sustainable period and for the Southeastern Conference such a mantra holds true. Yes, there is no doubt the Alabama Crimson Tide still rein as the cream of the crop in college football there is no doubting it. However, when it relates to what used to be the premiere conference in all of college football its fair to assert the SEC has taken a sizable step back. What will it take for the SEC to regain its dominance? Also, can anyone else throughout the 2016 college football playoff pose a formable challenge to Alabama and Nick Saban’s attempt to continue its national Monopoly on the rest of the field? Brad Crawford is the Senior SEC Editor at 247Sports he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Wednesday, to chat about everything SEC.12:34December 28, 2016
How will the Detroit Tigers Reshuffle their Roster.mp3There are major changes in store for the Detroit Tigers. Some key fixtures and cornerstones which have made up the very fabric of this team may be on the move. Which begs the questions how will the Tigers puzzle come together this offseason? Fox Sports Detroit’s Johnny Kane joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Friday, to cover a variety of topics involving the Old English D.15:25October 21, 2016
Getting your Ohio Sports Fix with Brian Skowronski.mp3Are you craving your Ohio sports fix? If so Brian Skowronski Assistant News/Sports Director at WMFD TV joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan, to give you the lowdown on everything Ohio Sports.October 06, 2016
What to watch for during this NBA Season_ With Blake Murphy.mp3Blake Murphy Managing Editor of Raptors Republic joins 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the upcoming NBA season. It’s almost time to tip off another exciting year of NBA basketball who’s excited?24:55September 28, 2016
Cory Prescott Celtics Content Manager Dishes on everything CelticsThe Boston Celtics are one of the up and coming teams in the NBA. Head Coach Brad Stevens has the charge of turning a talented group of young players into a consistent contender. Boston was able to secure a top-Tier free agent in the summer after striking out on Kevin Durant Boston dipped their toe in the pool of free agency. They wrangled Al Horford away from the Atlanta Hawks in hopes of bringing Boston to the next level. Boston also had a flurry of Draft picks which they were unable to unload in order to get a big ticket item in free agency. Therefore, what does Jalen Brown and the rest of Boston’s draft haul add to their roster? Cory Prescott Celtics Content Manager at CLNS Radio joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Wednesday to dish on everything Celtics basketball.22:14September 21, 2016
Talking Texans and NFL Headlines with Nick Walters.mp3Nick Walters former On-Air Sports Update Host at ESPN 97.5 Houston joined the 2Man Advantage Podcast earlier in the week to dish on all the latest news and notes surrounding the Houston Texans and other hot button issues around the NFL. Take a listen to the lively and informative discussion.35:08September 02, 2016
Will the Houston Rockets Succeed under Mike D-Antoni.mp3Nick Walters former On-Air Sports Update Host at ESPN 97.5 Houston, did double duty this week for us on the 2Man Advantage Podcast. In addition to recapping the Houston Texans offseason and other NFL headlines, he also dished on everything relating to the Houston Rockets, their new head coach Mike D'Antoni and what’s going to happen with former Rocket Dwight Howard in Atlanta. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to deliver the news.8:41September 02, 2016
Windsor Express owner Dartis Willis Provides prospective on Express’s season.mp3Windsor Express owner Dartis Willis reviews his team’s season and reflects on four strong years of professional basketball in Windsor. He spent part of his Friday, chatting with 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan about the past year and what’s to come in the future.5:06June 11, 2016
NBA News and Notes Roundup: with Adam GraciaNBA Finals rematch fever has taken over the league in full force. Can Cleveland force a different result from a year ago? Or is Golden State primed and ready to repeat as champs? Coaching changes were a plenty as well as teams look to be given a spark. Finally, what about the future of Thunder superstar Kevin Durant. Will he look for other opportunities or stay with the cooks he has in the Oklahoma City Thunder kitchen? Adam Gracia, Executive Producer of The Chris Mannix Show at NBC Sports Radio, spent part of his Friday on the 2Man Advantage Podcast getting you up to date on all the latest news around the NBA. See what he had to say to 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan.15:21June 04, 2016
Why have the Toronto Blue Jays Struggled so much this season.mp3When things don’t click in sports they’re seems to be a snowball effect where nothing you try is successful. For the Toronto Blue Jays, they haven’t found a consistent identity yet this season, and its showing in both the standings and their recent sloppy play. No offense, a non-reliable bullpen and some shaky defense seems to be the main culprits contributing to this demise. What’s the key to a Blue Jays turnaround? TSN Story Editor Eric Cohen, completed his trio of appearances on the 2Man Advantage Podcast this week by discussing what’s gone so wrong for the Blue Jays so far this season. He chats with Kevin McShan and catches you up to speed on all the news, notes and problems associated with this club as of now.7:44May 21, 2016
Are the Toronto Maple Leafs on the right track.mp3Are the Toronto Maple Leafs heading in the right direction? They have the number one pick in the upcoming NHL Entry draft and are building a good young core. So the future appears to be bright for the hockey mecca which is Toronto right? It’s time to give out report cards and the Leafs are at the head of his opinionated class. TSN Story Editor Eric Cohen, has some strong opinions concerning the current and future state of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He provided some in depth analysis on Wednesday, when he appeared on the 2Man Advantage Podcast and dished on everything Leafs to Kevin McShan.9:22May 20, 2016
TSN’s Eric Cohen- Talks Raptors Playoff Run.mp3The Toronto Raptors are currently experiencing their best season ever. With 56 wins in the regular season on top of prolonged playoff run The Toronto Raptors have reached the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history. Leaving the “We the North” Nation partying in the street. However, a key injury to Jonas Valanciunas and the freight train known as the Cleveland Cavaliers may rain or Canada’s basketball parade. LeBron James and the Cavs may have the Eastern Conference wrapped up yes, after just one game. You can feel comfortable in making such an assumption. With that said how should we view the whole season as a whole? Regardless of what happens against the probative east favorites. TSN Story Editor Eric Cohen joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Wednesday, to provide some prospective on the Raptors season and playoff run.11:21May 18, 2016
Can Robert Griffin III revive his career in Cleveland.mp3Robert Griffin III knows that playing and potentially starting for the Cleveland Browns may be his last shot to make any sort of hay in the NFL. Is he capable of seizing the moment and taking advantage of the opportunity which has been afforded to him? Can he prove he’s worth a 2nd chance? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan tackles the issue of Griffin’s future in the latest edition of Kevin’s First Take.6:42May 15, 2016
Is there reason for real Optimism for the Toronto Maple Leafs-.mp32Man Advantage Podcasts Nick Deziel is really, really, really excited because for the first time in over three decades there is real reasons for hope and optimism surrounding the Toronto Maple Leafs. It comes in the form of the prize in this year’s draft was centre Auston Matthews, who hails from that hockey hotbed of Scottsdale, Arizona and chose to play professionally in Switzerland this past season for Zurich, a team coached by ex-NHL coach Marc Crawford. Deziel is in favour of the direction the Leafs are heading with all of their young talent on the roster. He returned to the 2Man Advantage Podcast on Thursday to provide his take on the past, present and future for Canada’s team.7:27May 08, 2016
Detroit Tigers continue to Struggle to find consistency.mp3So far early in the season Tigers Manager Brad Ausmus can’t find a consistent winning formula. In particular, the Cleveland Indians seem to have Detroit’s number this season. The Tribe haven’t lost to Detroit yet this season. Coming off their latest sweep 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan and Nick Deziel examine what’s gone so wrong for Detroit.9:25May 08, 2016
Let’s Review the State of the Detroit Lions.mp3Nick Deziel makes his triumvirate return to the 2Man Advantage Podcast!!! As he joins Kevin McShan as the two discuss the future of Ezekiel Nana "Ziggy" Ansah in a Detroit uniform, Deziel shares his thoughts on Detroit’s efforts in the draft to upgrade the trenches and more.9:54May 08, 2016
Talking Lions Draft and Surging Tigers.mp3here is no shortage of sports news in the Motor City. The Detroit Lions, just completed their first draft under the guidance of new general manager Bob Quinn. With a clear focus on upgrading the depth and toughness on both sides of the line of scrimmage. What does the addition of Taylor Decker mean for the Lions? Also what should we make of the rest of the Lions picks as the enter into a new direction under Quinn in the front office? Meanwhile, the Detroit Tigers have won five of their last six games and are swinging the bats with better consistency. The lineup change made by manager Brad Ausmus seems to be paying off handsomely for Detroit. What's the key to continuing their better play of late and how can they sustain this vibe throughout the duration of the season? Darrin Di Carlo rejoined Kevin McShan on the latest edition of the 2Man Advantage Podcast as the two dueled it out over some of the hottest topics in Detroit sports on Tuesday.20:59May 04, 2016
Jarett Andretti talks Family, Racing and more.mp3Jarett Andretti is following his family’s rich and honorable history; He was born to race... Do you think he has what it takes to build upon his strong family heritage? Andretti has strong racing bloodlines. He’s committed to maintaining his family’s rich tradition on the race track. However, he also wants to separate himself and build his own legacy. 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan spent Monday chatting with the young Andretti who’s determine to create his own path to excellence.10:40May 02, 2016
Adam Biggers dishes on Everything Michigan Football.mp3Jim Harbaugh has everyone in a Maze Craze on the campus of the University of Michigan. With the faster than expected rise to prominence there are some lofty expectations in the walls of Schembechler Hall and for everyone associated with the program. How much growth can we expect in year two under Michigan’s native son leading the way on the sideline? Who will prevail as the next leader under center for the Wolverines? Can Michigan once again be touted as a national powerhouse? Where exactly is the state of the program? Friend of the program Adam Biggers the Assistant Sports Editor for Today’s U appeared on the 2Man Advantage Podcast over the weekend. As he chatted with Kevin McShan about all the latest news and notes surrounding the program8:40April 27, 2016
Where will Connor Cook Land in the NFL Draft-.mp3Connor Cook is the winningest quarterback in Michigan State history with an all-time record of 34-5. However, questions surrounding his demeanor and antics off the field have left some NFL Draft pundits warry of giving Cook the keys to their franchise. Is the characterization of Cook fair or unfounded? Where will he land in Thursday’s draft? Connor Muldowney Lead Editor of Spartan Avenue at FanSided spent part of his day on Wednesday on the 2Man Advantage Podcast chatting with Kevin McShan attempting to separate fact from fiction, when it comes to Cook’s current draft status and whether or not he has a shot to be a viable starter at the next level.11:45April 27, 2016
What to watch for during the 2016 NFL Draft.mp3Are you in the mood to play Lets Make a Deal? That’s the question being floated around NFL circles with the Draft less than a week away now. With the top two teams originally slated to pick at the top of the draft trading out and stockpiling picks. While others are willing to forgo the future for the here and now. Jared Goff, Carson Wentz who will go No. 1 and become the face of Los Angeles Rams football? Another hot button pick happens at No. 4 with America's team the Dallas Cowboys who will be tapped as the next superstar to wear the star on the side of their helmet? Those are just some of the questions 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan posed to Randy Drautz a Sports Writer at NGSC Sports as the preview what to watch for during the talent selection showcase.21:23April 23, 2016
Let-s talk Detroit Lions Football with Brandon Alisoglu.mp3New Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn said when he took over the team that the depth on the roster had to improve across the board. It’s been a fairly active and nonstop offseason for Detroit as they look to turn a disappointing start and a strong finish from a year ago, into a full and complete season in 2016. With the NFL Draft quickly approaching, all eyes will be on Quinn as he leads the Lions in their latest reset of their talented yet somewhat flawed roster. With Calvin Johnson out of the picture and off into retirement how will Detroit’s offense change? How will they strengthen their roster in the draft? Furthermore, was bringing back head coach Jim Caldwell for his third season the right move for Martha Ford and Quinn to make? To help us sort through the madness Detroit Lions analyst Brandon Alisoglu from joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to chat everything Lions football on Wednesday.19:21April 21, 2016
Who has the recruiting Edge Michigan or Michigan State.mp3There is a fierce recruiting battle happening between Michigan and Michigan State for recruits on the gridiron. The question becomes what stands out as the most significant headline for both classes for both Michigan and Michigan State? Josh Helmholdt is a Midwest Recruiting Analyst at Yahoo.! He stopped by the 2Man Advantage Podcast on Wednesday to chat with Kevin McShan about who’s winning the recruiting war in the Great Lakes.14:40April 20, 2016
Nick Castellanos’s positive progression is an encouraging sign for Detroit.mp3Nick Castellanos is a key cog for the Detroit Tigers in the present and the future. He’s proving his worth early in the season with Detroit boasting one of the best offenses in baseball. 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan examines the positive impact Castellanos’s presence in the lineup is having early in the season.4:24April 17, 2016
Michigan State Basketball Mania with- Ryan Squanda.mp3Ryan Squanda a Michigan State Men’s Basketball beat writer for the State News the official Michigan State student newspaper stopped by the 2Man Advantage Podcast on Wednesday to chat with 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan about all that is happening within the walls of the MSU basketball program. The pair touches on what the Hall of Fame honor means for Tom Izzo’s legacy, what Denzel Valentine meant to the program during his time with the Spartans, how the loss to Middle Tennessee State will effect the program and the perception of this senior class and the current and future state of the program.15:18April 14, 2016
2016 Detroit Lions Draft Preview with Josh Zimmer.mp3Bob Quinn’s mandate is to turn the Detroit Lions into a consistent winner. His first NFL Draft with the team will go a long way in determining which direction the club will head on the field. Detroit without a doubt will adopt some form of the Patriot Way in order to stay true to his New England way of doing business. Will the draft help propel the Lions to greater heights? Or is there still work to be done? Joshua Zimmer Senior NFL Draft Analyst for NGSC Sports joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan over the weekend to help put the Lions draft plans into clearer focus.11;53March 21, 2016
2016 NFL Draft Preview with Josh Zimmer.mp3Its never too early to talk football. The next major event on the league’s calendar is the NFL Draft. The 2016 NFL draft is loaded with defensive studs and playmakers. However, on the quarterback front it honestly leaves something to be desired. In order to give you a clearer picture on how everything will shake out 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan enlisted the assistance of Joshua Zimmer Senior NFL Draft Analyst for NGSC Sports over the weekend to chat about everything relating to this year’s NFL Draft.14:52March 21, 2016
Is playing youth football worth the risk?The NFL claims its always striving to make the game of football safer and doing there best to reduce injuries. Has the league done enough to appeal to its younger generation to continue the vast level of interest in the sport? Simply put is playing youth football worth the risk? Sports Illustrated Sports science reporter Tom Taylor, has some strong opinions on the future of Youth Football, the social aspects it has on kids who play and the role parents have in this debate. He engaged in a conversation with 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan about the safety and future of Youth Football.10;00March 14, 2016
How will the loss of Calvin Johnson effect the Detroit Lions.mp3March 13, 2016
Will Jose Bautista receive a major pay-day from the Toronto Blue Jays-.mp3José Bautista has his number and he’s unwilling to budge and if the Toronto Blue Jays want to retain his services north of the boarder they’ll have to pony up the cash in order to get it done? Will new team president Mark Shapiro be inclined to oblige? What about the team’s overall outlook for the 2016 season? To get an in-depth view of Bautista’s contract situation and how the Blue Jays will stack up this year, 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan turned to Barry Davis the Blue Jays sideline reporter for Rogers Sportsnet to get the latest update on everything Blue Jays.9:57March 03, 2016
Super Bowl 50 Preview With ESPN's Anthony Stalter.mp3Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and the 50th edition of the biggest game in all of sports has some most intriguing matchups. Cam Newton has the opportunity to "keep pounding" the Carolina Panthers to the sports ultimate prize. While Peyton Manning has the chance to leave no questions in connection to his legacy. Who's your favorite to come out on top? What storylines are you most interested to watch unfold? You've got to admit this matchup has allot to get you excited about. it’s a new school versus old school matchup. Can Cam Newton complete his MVP and record-setting season by hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy? Or will Peyton Manning ride off into the sunset sitting on top of the world just as his Denver protégé once did? its time to preview Super Bowl Sunday. For which 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan, turned to Anthony Stalter Co-Host of "The Turn" on 101 ESPN Radio in St. Louis to gain a national prospective.15:32February 04, 2016
National NBA Analyst Joel Cordes Talks Detroit Pistons Basketball.mp3Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy recently referred to his team’s recent defensive efforts as deplorable. Reggie Jackson claims the Pistons are the most consistent inconsistent team in the league. With all of that in mind Detroit is still right in the thick of the eastern conference playoff race. Can Detroit discover enough on the court leadership to make a sizeable dent in the postseason? With the season more than halfway completed how should we view the current state of the Pistons? National NBA Analyst Joel C. Cordes joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to provide some prospective on where the Pistons currently stand. 16:59January 26, 2016
Did the Cleveland Cavaliers make the right decision to fire David Blatt?David Blatt helped lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to the best record in the Eastern conference this year and to the NBA Finals a year ago. What’s the thanks he gets for his efforts? He got a pink slip and was told his services were no longer needed on Friday. . When you sign up to coach LeBron James arguably one of the five best players in the NBA expectations to garner instant results become immediate. Your leash for error becomes minimal. Despite the fact, the Cavaliers haven’t had their full complement of pieces for most of the season general manager David Griffin felt the need to make such a drastic change. This move has sparked plenty of criticism around the league from the coaching fraternity and others around the league. With this in mind, was it a mistake to relieve Blatt from his duties as Cavaliers head coach and promote lead assistant Tyronn Lue to head coach? What’s the national reaction to the firing of Blatt, the promotion of Lue and the current state of professional basketball in northeast Ohio? National NBA Analyst Joel C. Cordes joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to provide some prospective on the firing of Blatt and what it means for the Cavs. 18:46 January 25, 2016
What does the Justin Upton Signing mean for the Detroit Tigers.mp3Can spending approximately $272 million in one single offseason buy you a World Series championship? Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch certainly hopes so, as he hasn’t been shy in opening up his wallet to provide Detroit with more than a fighters chance to win it all. It’s been a busy offseason for new Detroit Tigers General Manager Al Avila as he attempts to provide owner Mike Ilitch with a World Series championship he so desperately covets. Over the Christmas holidays Ilitch kept impressing on Avila the need to improve the Tigers offense, particularly the hole they had in left field. Earlier this week Ilitch received a belated Happy New Year present when high powered slugging outfielder Justin Upton, inked a six-year $132.75 million contract. To help fortify Detroit’s lineup and chances of making a deep push into October. 2Man Advantage Podcast Darrin Di Carlo and Kevin McShan return to discuss the big offseason acquisition of Upton and the rest of the Tigers high-profile moves this winter. 10:45January 23, 2016
Recapping the Detroit Lions offseason so far.mp3Can the Detroit Lions trust a first year general manager to whip their roster into shape? If the Detroit Lions want to change their perception they have to change the way they do business. Team owner Martha Firestone Ford has turned to a New Englander to tur her franchise which has been stuck in mediocrity into a winner. First year General Manager Bob Quinn has already started to put his finger prints of change all over the Honolulu blue and silver. 2Man Advantage Podcasts Darrin Di Carlo and Kevin McShan return this weekend to review what Quinn has been up to so far. 7:13 January 23, 2016
What sort of an impact will Zack Greinke have on the Arizona Diamondbacks.mp3During the MLB’s Hot Stove season the Arizona Diamondbacks made a huge splash by inking Zack Greinke. Surprising the baseball world this winter. Greinke, the 32-year-old right-hander who was runner-up in this year’s Cy Young Award vote, has agreed to a six-year contract with the Diamondbacks for $206.5 million. How will his addition effect the landscape of the NL West this season and the entire landscape of baseball? KTAR, Arizona Sports and ESPN producer Steve Zinsmeister joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Tuesday, to discuss the subject. 2:00January 07, 2016
Can the Arizona Cardinals win Super Bowl 50.mp3Carson Palmer is having an MVP type year with 35 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, a passer rating of 104.6 and he’s thrown for over 4,000 yards this season. With that said, it’s obvious he’s the straw that stirs the drink for the Cardinals and the No. 1 rated offense. Can they take advantage of his stellar performance and catapult themselves to Santa Clara California to take part in the golden anniversary of the super Bowl? What are the keys for a prolonged playoff run in the desert? Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan spent Tuesday, getting the inside scoop of the Cardinals playoff chances from KTAR, Arizona Sports and ESPN producer Steve Zinsmeister as he provides his take on just how far they can go. 13:22January 07, 2016
Sports Chalk Talk Hamilton Tiger-Cats Toronto Maple Leafs with Andrew McNamara.mp3Hamilton Tiger-Cats brass will spend this offseason tinkering with a roster which has developed a winning culture and an expectation of excellence. The question will become how can they get over the hump and seize the moment and capture the ultimate prize? Of hoisting a Grey Cup. Turning our attention to the ice, based off the way the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing now what should be the realistic expectations for this team, how the organization goes about their rebuilding process and forming a game plan to become a consistent winner? What are the three biggest keys which have defined Toronto's season so far, and how should the rest of the season be judged. How should progress be measured? Andrew McNamara from TSN 1050 covers both squads and he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Tuesday for an in-depth discussion on both of those hot button issues. 12:55January 05, 2016
What’s the key to giving the Detroit Lions a good Christmas.mp3Were in a festive mood here at the 2Man Advantage Podcast this holiday season, and we want to provide the Detroit Lions with a winning game plan for the offseason on this Christmas Day. With that said, it’s time to welcome back an old and trusted friend of the program here on the 2Man Advantage Podcast in Mike Payton editor of SideLion Report, as he provides you an early offseason blueprint for success for Detroit on this Christmas Day. 27:59December 25, 2015
Why has DeMarco Murray been a misfit in Philadelphia.mp3DeMarco Murray had visions of being a thorn in the side of the NFC East rival Dallas Cowboys a place he called home for the first four years of his career, when he signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. However, Murray’s edition to Chip Kelly’s high octane offense has miserably failed. Where have things gone so wrong for Murray and the Eagles? What role does Chip Kelly play in this misfit relationship and can it be repaired? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan provides his First Take on this highly sensitive and tense situation.5:15 December 22, 2015
fantasy football weekly Christmas editionIts Christmas season which means its playoff time in fantasy football world join Darin Di Carlo , Derrick and TJ for their weekly picks and insight44:00December 17, 2015
Tim Easley dishes on his hopes for an NFL Comeback.mp3Semi-professional and arena football player Tim Easley is on a mission. He wants back into the NFL. He believes his versatility will serve him well for any NFL team who may be interested in him. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Tuesday to discuss his journey back to the NFL. 9;39December 15, 2015
Can Competitive Dance Be Considered an Actual Sport? mp3Dancing can be used as a form of positive expression and art for sure. But can it also be considered a competitive sport? Can it act as a positive reinforcement to entice kids to become active? Can we encourage guys to consider dance to be worthwhile passion to pursue Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan was on a mission to find out the answers to these thought provoking questions. He recently sat down with Brodie Masse a London based choreographer from Jo Read Dance and a Windsor native. She stopped by the 2Man Advantage Podcast to discuss the past, present and future in the field of dance.14:47December 10, 2015
Can the Indianapolis Colts Win the AFC South? .mp3It’s been a topsy turvy season for the Indianapolis Colts with plenty of twists and turns along the way, and plenty of instability on the field this year. Nevertheless they sit atop the AFC South with a .500 record at 6-6. Clearly the tightest divisional race they’ve had to endure in quite some time. Backup quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck has played a vitally major role in keeping the Colts afloat while Andrew Luck is on the mend. Where would the Colts be without the solid play of their version of the 40 year old virgin in Hasselbeck? As for head coach Chuck Pagano he still stands on uncertain grounds. Infighting between ownership, the front office and Pagano haven’t helped matters either. Complicating things even further is the fact there franchise quarterback has been sidelined for nearly half the season with an assortment of different injuries. Leading to some inconsistent play on the field. Despite the veteran additions they added last offseason and getting younger on defense. Sitting at the halfway watermark the Colts find themselves in an interesting predicament and scenario. Which has some wondering can the Colts capture their fourth consecutive AFC South title under Pagano? Or have the Houston Texans done enough to close the proverbial gap? In order to get some answers to some intriguing Colts questions 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan, enlisted the expertise of Kevin Bowen a Writer, for the Indianapolis Colts to get the lowdown concerning everything relating to the team which represents Naptown. 13:50December 08, 2015
Fantasy Football Focus Week 12With the Fantasy football playoffs fast approaching 2Man Advantage Podcasts Darrin Di Carlo is back with co-host T.J. and Derick to provide you with the winning edge.53:59December 03, 2015
What does the recent win streak mean for the Detroit Lions Future-.mp3My good friends its Turkey day for the Lions on this Thursday, which of course means a Detroit Thanksgiving Day tradition. Can the Lions build on the recent progress they’ve made and continue on the right track? Can they put together a Happy Thanksgiving and win their third straight? It’s time for our weekly conversation with Mike Payton editor of SideLion Report as he gets you up to speed on everything relating to Detroit Lions Football. 18:11November 26, 2015
NFL News Blitz with Kelly Patrick.mp3There are plenty of NFL news headlines to get you up to date on across the league. Kelly Patrick is a Sports Radio Talk Show Host at 1450 The Sports Buzz. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday to give him the inside scoop on some of the big ticket items making news around the league. 23;09November 25, 2015
2015 MLB Offseason Preview With Tyler Kepner.mp3Tyler Kepner is a national baseball writer for the New York Times and he has some intriguing view points on everything which is happening and what is expected to happen around baseball this winter. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to share his prospective. 22:32November 24, 2015
fantasy football week 11Fantasy football weekly returns for week 1155:34November 23, 2015
American League Central 2015 Offseason Outlook with Rhett Twins beat reporter Rhett Bollinger joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Friday, to get you up to date on all the moves you can expect inside the AL Central this winter.11:59November 21, 2015
Talking Minnesota Twins Offseason with Rhett Twins beat reporter Rhett Bollinger joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Friday, to get you up to date on all your Twins offseason news.8:50November 21, 2015
Is Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond the Best center in Basketball-.mp3Going Live on YouTube to discuss whether or not Andre Drummond is the Best center in Basketball Join the discussion. 6:36November 19, 2015
Johnny Manziel named Starting quarterback for rest of season in Cleveland is that the right move-.mp3The Cleveland Browns will start Johnny Manziel at quarterback for the remainder of the season, coach Mike Pettine announced Tuesday. Manziel, who threw for 372 yards and completed 73 percent of his passes in a 30-9 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, replaces Josh McCown, who has been sidelined with a rib injury. "He took a big step forward in a lot of the small details of quarterback play," Pettine said Tuesday. "It's as simple as that for us, just to continue to get better. He did some good things but there's some things that can be improved upon. Is this the right decision for the long term future of the Browns 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan debated the subject live on YouTube on Wednesday.10:00November 19, 2015
Is it a Smart Decision to Put Tony Romo Back on the Field-.mp3The return of Tony Romo has lost its luster for the Dallas Cowboys. The team found out first-hand how difficult it is to win in the NFL without your starting quarterback, going 0-7 without Romo and seeing their playoff hopes vanish in the process. Brandon Weeden couldn’t get the job done the first three games, and Matt Cassel wasn’t the savior the final four. Romo is now set to return to a team that is coming off a demoralizing 10-6 loss in Tampa on Sunday. At 2-7, the Cowboys playoff hopes are essentially done but that won’t prevent Romo from starting next Sunday in Miami. Is it a smart decision to put Tony Romo back out onto the field for the rest of the season for the Dallas Cowboys?  2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan debates the subject.7:20November 19, 2015
Fantasy Football week 10(mp3)2Man Advantage Podcasts Darrin Di Carlo is back in action with guest co-hosts T.J. and Derrick as they help you set your fantasy football lineup for week 10.44:10November 12, 2015
Toronto Blue Jays 2015 Offseason Outlook.mp3The Toronto Blue Jays and Canadian baseball fans waited for this day for 22 years and they were finally rewarded this October, when Toronto clinched their first playoff berth since 1993. Uniting an entire country to root for their beloved Jays to bring home a pennant to north of the boarder. Toronto ultimately fell short of reaching the World Series losing to the eventual ` Word Series champions Kansas City Royals. However, the roller coaster ride was sweet while it lasted for Canadians and allowed them to find their passion for baseball again. How can they carry the momentum forward to ensure they can contend next year and for years to come? Let’s give Toronto a checklist to follow to maximize their long-term success. Aly Munro a Toronto Blue Jays Host from Rogers TV joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to review the Blue Jays offseason outlook. 17:35November 10, 2015
Michigan Agrees to Extend John Beilein-s Contract through 2020-21.mp3John Beilein has compiled a career record of 717-428, placing him in the top 10 in victories among active Division I head coaches. Therefore the university had a proven asset leading there basketball program and with this move it ensures continuity. On Wednesday, interim athletic director Jim Hackett, made sure he received the financial compensation and security he deserved, for helping to resurrect the Michigan Basketball Program from the ashes. By inking him to a six year contract extension which will keep him in Ann Arbor through the 2020-21 season. Assistant sports editor for Today’s U Adam Biggers stopped by the 2Man Advantage Podcast on Friday to discuss Beilein's new deal and the state of Michigan Basketball with Kevin McShan. 13:30November 06, 2015
Lions fire GM Martin Mayhew, president Tom Lewand.mp3The Detroit Lions have made sweeping changes to their front office looking to dramatically alter the direction of their franchise. Team owner Martha Firestone Ford announced Thursday, the team has fired and cut ties with president Tom Lewand and general manager Martin Mayhew, and they are beginning a national search for new leadership. So naturally the question is what’s next for the Lions? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Darrin Di Carlo and Kevin McShan dive into the issue during a breaking news edition of the 2Man Advantage Podcast. 14:57November 05, 2015
Detroit Lions Continue to Struggle across the Pond in London.mp3 For the Detroit Lions the 2015 NFL season is a lost cause. Competitively other than pride what’s left to play for? Stop me if you’ve heard the were playing for pride routine before associated with Detroit Lions football. One too many times right? So what’s the key to getting Detroit back into contention next year? Let’s try to fill in some of the blanks during our weekly conversation with Mike Payton editor of Sidelion Report who joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Wednesday, to get you up to speed on everything relating to Detroit Lions Football. 24:22November 05, 2015
2ma fantasy football week 9DK is on a hot streak winning 2 weeks in a row he is looking to continue his hot streak against TJ. Also we call friend of the show Jay for his input on the lions management moves54:00November 05, 2015
Gaining a Grasp on the 2015-16 NBA Season With Blake Murphy .mp3nbThe new NBA season is in full swing and there has already been clear indicators as to how this season will unfold. Have you been enjoying action around the association during this first week of the season? Are you curious to know how storylines and subplots will take shape throughout the course of the year? If you answered yes to any of those questions well you’re in luck because…. 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan was curious to get some answers to burning questions which will affect the landscape of the NBA this season. So he enlisted the help of Blake Murphy a senior NBA News Editor for theScore, Inc. in order to get a better handle on just how this season will unfold. 24:12October 31, 2015
Detroit Lions Shake up there offensive coaching Staff in hopes of a SparkThe Detroit Lions are desperate to save their floundering season. One in which they’ve grossly under performed. Head coach Jim Caldwell spent a season and a half defending his struggling offense, telling anyone who'd listen not to believe what they were seeing with their own two eyes.21:49October 29, 2015
It’s time to Talk NBA With Collin Cab Washington.mp3Sports Blogger Collin “Cab “Washington has some strong opinions on what to expect throughout the course of the year as we get set to embark upon another exciting season around the association. How will this season play out? Collin joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday to dive into what exactly will be making headlines around the league for this upcoming season.18:49October 28, 2015
fantasy football week 8Fantasy Football Podcast week 8 DK Finally WINS!!!!! and he tells us how he did it. Does he have the secret recipe for back to back winning weeks50:00October 28, 2015
2MA Podcast october 21 2015.mp3talking Lions first win, Michigan and Michigan state recap along with who is going to the world series.20:20October 21, 2015
Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson Lead Lions to first win of the season.mp3Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson were tired of listening to all the white noise and critics about the Detroit Lions disappointing and unexpected 0-5 start. Therefore they took matters into their own hands and helped to pace Detroit to their first victory of the season. Detroit finally took the handcuffs off the offense and let the big play loom large in Sunday’s divisional win over the Chicago Bears. It may have taken them in extra session in overtime to get the job done but they finally recorded their first win of the season. How can they use this as positive momentum moving forward into Minnesota? For the Lions turnovers continue to rear there ugly head. Detroit had three against the Bears two of which came on special teams. Zach Zenner was lost for the season thanks to cracked ribs and a partially collapsed lung and Ameer Abdullah continues to be bitten by the fumbling bug. It wasn't perfect but they got a win. On defense they bent by they didn’t break. What is and what isn’t a catch rule came into focus again for Detroit with Golden Tate’s touchdown grab right before halftime. Which the Lions received a break on for once. It’s time for our weekly conversation with Mike Payton editor of SideLion report who joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to break down what happened against the Bears and what to expect this Sunday when the Lions square off against the Minnesota Vikings.17:37October 21, 2015
fantasy football week 7Its week 7 in the NFL and DK is in need of a win. He hopes his lineup has the winning formula.49:00October 21, 2015
St. Clair Saints Women’s Softball Wins School’s first CCSA Title.mp3The Saint Clair College women’s softball team gets to add a new title to their resume. One they get to assume for the first time in the school’s history, the title of champion. 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan spent Monday with Head coach Doug Wiseman, infielder Sarah Bondy and starting pitcher Allison Telfer to find out how they got the job done. 531October 19, 2015
Who’s next in line at Quarterback For Michigan.mp3Iowa transfer Jake Rudock is a one year rental for Michigan at quarterback so who’s next in line? Multimedia sports video journalist Jared Janssen of Today’s U of Fan Rag Sports stopped by the 2Man Advantage Podcast on Friday to dish on who he thinks is going to get the nod, in Michigan`s crowded field of signal callers.1:54October 17, 2015
Battle of the State Michigan vs. Michigan State Who is going to win.mp3It’s almost time for the Battle of the state of Michigan in college football as Michigan State and Michigan are set to do battle on the gridiron at The Big House in Ann Arbor on Saturday. The significance of this game carries more than in-state bragging rights it’s a notable contest to determine supreme royalty and positioning within the Big Ten Conference. . It's the first time since 2003 the two rivals have both been ranked in the top-12 of the AP poll going into the game, when the No. 11 Wolverines beat the No. 9 Spartans, 27-20. It’s good to know the battle of the state actually means something again doesn’t it? Complete this sentence if Michigan wins or loses the perception will be? Conversely if Michigan State wins or loses the perception will be? It’s almost game time so who’s going to win? Multimedia sports video journalist Jared Janssen of Today’s U of Fan Rag Sports stopped by the 2Man Advantage Podcast on Friday to give his take as to who is going to win the battle of the state.20:00October 17, 2015
fantasy football podcast week 6.mp3DK and TJ discuss who they are picking this week for there fantasy football teams52:27October 15, 2015
Turnovers and lack of effort doom Lions against the Cardinals.mp3The Detroit Lions are running out of time and excuses maybe it’s time to face facts. They’re a bad football team, exhibiting a lack effort, passion and execution. It’s time for our weekly conversation with Mike Payton editor of SideLion Report who joins 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to recap the debacle against Arizona and preview what we can expect this Sunday when Detroit faces off against the Chicago Bears. 19:24 October 12, 2015
Detroit Lions Offense still Stuck in neutral heading into Clash with Arizona.mp3The Detroit Lions offense continues to be missing in action. As a result Detroit still remains the only team without a victory in the NFL this season. As they try to recovery from the missed call at the goal line in connection to the Calvin Johnson fumble they continue to search for ways to jumpstart a lagging offense. We’ve reached the point in the week, where it’s time to have our weekly conversation with Mike Payton editor at SideLion Report who gets us ready for this week in Lions football. 18:57October 10, 2015
fantasy football podcast week 5The Guys are back with another Fantasy Football Podcast guys ;look at the best matchups for this weeks game.49:00October 07, 2015
fantasy football Podcast week 4TJ and DK use their phone a friend to make there fan duel picks this week. Skip ahead to the 13 minute mark to hear "the best phone a friend EVER!!!"48:00September 30, 2015
2MA Detroit Lions vs Broncos recap week 3Another week another Detroit Lions lost this time at home to the Denver Broncos. Mike Payton from joins me to talk about this lackluster Lions team and is there any hope for this team.17:00September 28, 2015
Breaking down the NBA Playoff Seeding Changes.mp3The NBA has decided that want to reward the best of the best when it comes to winning in the playoffs by changing the format of how they seat teams. No longer will winning your division give you an automatic playoff berth. It’s all about wins and losses. What does the change mean for competive balance in the sport? Ronald Agers a contributing writer for ESPN’s TrueHoop Network rejoined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to discuss how the new seeding structure will affect the league.14:39September 23, 2015
fantasy football week 3We got your fantasy football fanduel teams this week. With all your breakout players and sleepers.52:00September 23, 2015
2ma Lions Recap week 2 vs VikingsMike Payton from joins Darrin Di Carlo to talk what went wrong with the Detroit Lions in Minny.15:00September 21, 2015
2MA Fantasy Football.mp3Our first ever fantasy football podcast featuring DK and TJ and who you should be looking to pick up for your FanDuel teams this sunday.38:00September 18, 2015
What’s the biggest lesson the NFL can learn from Deflategate.mp3Roger Goodell lost another player discipline fight in both a court of law and the court of public opinion when Judge Richard M. Berman, nullified Tom Brady's four-game suspension for deflate-gate earlier this month. Judge Berman cited several significant legal deficiencies'' in the league's handling of the controversy, including: no advanced notice of potential penalties, the refusal to produce a key witness and the apparent first-ever discipline of a player based on a finding of "general awareness'' of someone else's wrongdoing. The decision by Judge Berman cast a major black eye on the league’s reputation, image and integrity. What’s the biggest lesson the NFL can take away from this situation to avoid these types of scenarios from having a wider damaging impact on the game? Dan Mathews is a podcast host on Dawg Sports Radio and Show Producer at VSporto he also covers the Atlanta Falcons for Score Atlanta. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Wednesday to provide a national prospective on Deflate-gate and where he thinks the NFL ought to go from here. 18:44September 17, 2015
What went wrong for the Detroit Lions in San Diego.mp3Mike Payton editor of SideLion Report returns to the 2Man Advantage Podcast to discuss what when so horribly wrong for the Detroit Lions in the 2nd half against the San Diego Chargers and what they need to fix heading into Sunday’s matchup against the Minnesota Vikings.24:48September 16, 2015
Can the Michigan State Spartans meet their Lofty Expectations in 2015?Supreme confidence reins in East Lansing as the Michigan State Spartans get set to kick off another football season which is loaded with high expectations. They haven’t shied away from the national championship chatter can they finish the deal, can this senior class get the job done and lead MSU to greater heights? When you look at MSU’s schedule obviously the games with Oregon and Ohio State stand out like a sore thumb, how do you see MSU fairing in those games and in your opinion what would constitute success for the Spartans throughout the entire season. Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio always tells his players to “aim a little bit higher than before and he’s built a nationally relevant and respected program from scratch and the fruits of his labor are self-evident. What makes him tremendously viable as a head coach, and a master motivator? Connor Cook is a battle tested quarterback with ice water in his veins. However, he wasn’t named one of the three captains on this year’s squad how will that serve as fuel to the fire for MSU’s veteran quarterback? What about players to keep an eye on who needs to have breakout years in order for the Spartans to taste the kind of victory they are gunning for? Who should be on the list? In a nutshell the green and white have laid their cards squarely on the table the question becomes can they rise to the challenge? Would this season be viewed as a failure if MSU wasn’t able to nail down a national championship? Steve Grinczel is a College Football Writer and columnist for He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Thursday, to preview MSU’s highly anticipated season, and to provide his thoughts on whether or not the Spartans can capture the ultimate prize. 19:34 September 04, 2015
Will Johnny Manziel ever turn into an elite quarterback in the NFL?If you’re interested in stirring up an instant debate in NFL circles all you have to do is bring to the forefront the name Johnny Manziel then the mercury in the thermometer of opinion will reach its highest peak. Gaining more maturity is a natural part of the maturation process for all young quarterbacks. However it’s taken on a whole new meaning for Johnny Manziel. No more money signs, late night parties or overnight trips to Las Vegas for Manziel. Has "Johnny Football” ‘grown enough as an individual to succeed at the highest level of football? Will one of the most polarizing figures in all the sports landscape ever translate into a formidable quarterback on the field? Will it ever be possible for him to render his freakish athletic ability into a dependable and productive decision maker? Why do you believe Manziel is a polarizing figure both on and off the field? Max Edison is the sports editor for the Houston Defender and covered Manziel during his college days at Texas A&M. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Wednesday to dive into whether or not Manziel has the necessary attributes to be a success story in the NFL,11:48September 03, 2015
Taking a look at the Detroit Lions by the Numbers.mp3Examining the analytical evidence of your favourite NFL team can give you tremendous insight and provide proven indicators as to how well they will perform, throughout the course of the year. What do the numbers reveal in connection to the Detroit Lions and there desired objective to make the playoffs for a second consecutive year? In an ultra-competitive NFC North were exactly does Detroit stack up? Jeff Dooley Editor in Chief at Pro Football Focus joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Tuesday, to breakdown the Lions numbers. 14;44 September 02, 2015
What’s contributed to the Detroit Tigers Tailspin this Season?As this forgettable, lost and painful season draws to a close for the Detroit Tigers one thing has become abundantly clear. They’ve officially waved the white flag of surrender and any last minute hope of making the postseason for a fifth consecutive year is a distant afterthought now. In a nutshell, what’s the biggest contributing factor to the Detroit Tigers nose dive in the standings? What does the Tigers tailspin mean for the future of manager Brad Ausmus? Jesse Pantuosco a MLB and NFL Writer at and NBC Sports joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to talk Tigers. 26:16 September 01, 2015
What should we expect from the Michigan Wolverines in 2015? It’s almost time to lift the curtain and unveil what came out of the self-described ”submarine” that is the Jim Harbaugh led Michigan Wolverines. There is no doubt that the Harbaugh hype train is in full swing and expectations and the enthusiasm for the Michigan football program has reached a fevered pitch. However, will the enthusiasm mania be accompanied by any substance to go with the sizzle and steak? What are some realistic benchmarks and thresholds for a program which hasn’t been relevant since the days of Braylon Edwards and Chad Hennie? Adam Biggers the Assistant Managing Editor of Today's U at FanRag Sports returned to the 2Man Advantage Podcast on Friday, to provide some insightful prospective on everything relating to Michigan Football and its new direction under Harbaugh. 29:20August 29, 2015
Help Windsor Lose 10,000 Pounds.mp3Are you up to the task of helping Windsor Lose 10,000 Pounds? Do you want to be part of the mission that transforms our community into one of the leanest and healthiest regions of our country? If you answered yes to any of those questions then personal trainer Sean Keats and Victory Fitness have a message for you. “I know that losing weight can be confusing. There are tons of "solutions" out there... • Fad diets • Gadget gimmicks • Expensive gym memberships • And workout programs that you have a hard time sticking to All the information that's available to you can leave you downright frustrated. But our goal at Victory Fitness is to eliminate the confusion and empower you to live a fit and healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. Now, we tell our clients that they have to set BIG goals for themselves. So big that it scares you to think about it. That leads me to our mission of helping Windsor lose 10,000 pounds. When I think about this, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach... But that feeling excites me! Let's Think BIG Imagine for a second if 334 Windsor area residents were able to lose 30 pounds. This would have such an impact on our city! 334 people would be happier and healthier. They would inspire their circle of influence to change their lives. Perhaps pass their healthy habits down to their children. The trickledown effect of our mission will ultimately help so many people that it will span outside of our city's borders.” Find out more about the mission itself, Keats’s tips for starting and staying committed to a workout plan which will deliver tangible results and the impact an excess amount of sugar can have on our bodies. As Keats joins Darrin Di Carlo and Kevin McShan in the latest 2Man Advantage Podcast. 13:59August 25, 2015
How will incorporating more women into the league grow the NFL? Promoting gender equality in today’s workforce is still an issue which requires plenty of attention and needs to be emphasized continually. Particularly as it relates to male dominated sports and ensuring that women who choose to enter such an arena are treated with the same level of respect as a male who enters the same profession. Ensuring everyone is judged on the merit of their performance and not their gender. The Arizona Cardinals blazed the trail by hiring the first female coach in NFL History and Jen Welter said: “I couldn’t dreamed big enough to imagine this day could ever come.” What’s the impact of the decision to bring Welter on staff and how it will positively impact the growth of the NFL? Mykell Ramos co-host of The Flex Zone lends her opinion to this intriguing and important subject as she joins 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to provide a woman’s prospective on the topic. 23;07August 13, 2015
Storylines to Watch during 2015 Detroit Lions Training CampDetroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell says the Lions “Must” improve and be a better team than they were a season ago if they expect to consistently compete at the highest level. The process of laying the groundwork for another season, on the gridiron began on Monday as the Lions returned from a six week summer hiatus to get back to football. Mike Payton Editor SideLion Report and Fan Shield joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan earlier this week to discuss everything relating to Detroit Lions football. 22:07August 06, 2015
Dave Dombrowski out as Tigers GM What’s next For Detroit?The chain of command for the Detroit Tigers is going through a dramatic makeover for the first time in 14 years. As Dave Dombrowski and the Old English D have parted ways. He is being replaced by Al Avila, who has served as his top assistant since 2002. Avila's son, Alex, catches for the Tigers. Avila said Ilitch hired him Saturday, a day after Dombrowski completed the last of his trade-deadline deals. Avila also said he has signed a new contract with the team that is "a number of years and long enough to give you time to continue to build on a winning tradition." There has been several moving parts to this season for the Tigers what does this latest shakeup mean in the Motor City? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Darrin Di Carlo and Kevin McShan discuss the current and future state of the Tigers. What’s next in Detroit?12:27August 05, 2015
Lions Training Camp Review, Tigers Future and MoreDoes the Detroit Tigers future look bright after selling off Prime time assets in order to restock their Farm system and pitching depth? As the Lions start training camp what are some storylines to watch? Finally what should the Blue Jays expect with David Price now in the fold? Darrin Di Carlo and Kevin McShan return Tuesday with a new 2MA Podcast. As they give you the latest surrounding Detroit and Toronto and more.30:07August 04, 2015
Breaking Down the Toronto Blue Jays Trade Deadline DealsThe Toronto Blue Jays are attempting to breakout of the cycle of mediocrity and end the longest playoff drought in professional sports, and with their recent trade deadline deals they’re hopeful they can get over the hump. Toronto continued to load up for a pennant race Thursday, acquiring ace lefty David Price from the Detroit Tigers. They paid a steep price in order to make it a reality. Ben Nicholson-Smith a baseball writer analyst for Sportsnet joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan Thursday afternoon,-to discuss the Blue Jays acquisitions of David Price and Troy Tulowitzki as they gear up for a pennant race down the stretch. 7:24July 30, 2015
Lincoln Kennedy Reflects on His career and Today’s NFL.mp3Former Oakland Raiders offensive Tackle Lincoln Kennedy played 11 seasons in the NFL, two with the Falcons and nine with the Raiders. He was a three-time Pro Bowl selection and played in Super Bowl XXXVII with the Raiders. A former NFL Networks analyst, Kennedy now works as part of the radio broadcast team for the Raiders and he’s a recent college football Hall of Fame Inductee. He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan Tuesday to discuss his time in the NFL, the current state of the game and what it means to him to be elected into the College Football hall of Fame 17:29July 21, 2015
Putting the Detroit Pistons 2015 Offseason Under ReviewThe buzz words surrounding the Detroit Pistons more specifically Stan Van Gundy has been versatility and toughness and the need to improve both facets of the team. When you look at what the Pistons have done this offseason have they achieved that mission of position flexibility? When you look at the current state of the Pistons in comparison to a still weaker Eastern Conference where do you believe they stack up with the rest of the league and do you think they have a chance to compete for the playoffs next year? How will the cumbersome contract of Josh Smith effect Detroit’s ability to compete for other players moving forward, would it be wise for the Pistons to sign center Andre Drummond to a long-term deal now or wait until next summer and how will the mistakes of the Joe Dumars era effect the team moving forward? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan spoke with Adi Joseph an NBA Editor at Sporting News on Friday to get his prospective on the state of the Pistons. 21:38July 18, 2015
2ma podcast July 9th. mp3J.D. Martinez is on an offensive hot streak for the Detroit Tigers and pacing them while Miguel Cabrera is on the shelf with a strained calf. Would you consider him the 1st half MVP for Detroit? Can the Tigers continue treading water while he’s out of the lineup? Meanwhile New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul played with fire and it was a bad idea. His fireworks incident took a serious turn on Wednesday. Pierre-Paul had his right index finger amputated setting back his return to the field even more. Amputating the finger is expected to simplify and accelerate the recovery, ideally enabling Pierre-Paul to return to the field in two months. Phil Kessel’s run in Toronto is mercifully over what’s next for the Leafs? DeAndre Jordan made the stunning decision to renege on his verbal agreement to sign with the Dallas Mavericks and instead re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, agreeing to a four-year deal that will pay him approximately $87 million. What does this move mean for the integrity of the game, what does it say about Jordan’s character and how can the NBA prevent this from happening again? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Darrin Di Carlo and Kevin McShan tackle all of these issues and more in the latest 2Man Advantage Podcast.25:26July 09, 2015
Putting the 2015 NBA Draft Into Prospective With Brandon Robinson.mp3Brandon Robinson is a sports and entertainment writer. He's also a regular TV contributor at Arise TV. His writing has also appeared in AM New York, ESPN and other various magazines and newspapers. Robinson spent time Friday with 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to give him the inside story on who won, who lost and left us feeling intrigued during the 2015 NBA Draft. 23:04July 05, 2015
Sean Baligian Breaks Down 2015 Detroit Red Wings Offseason.mp3The Detroit Red Wings believe there on the cusp to returning to hockey’s elite. How realistic is that expectation and what work still need to be done for the Red Wings to realize their fullest potential? The Detroit Red Wings have invested in a youth movement both on the ice and behind the bench, as they look to return to hockey’s highest mountaintop. After 10 seasons with Mike Babcock at the helm of the Detroit Red Wings Jeff Blashill takes over in Hockeytown. Is Blashill the answer? The Red Wings are hoping familiarity breeds comfort. Sean Baligian of ESPN 96.1 spent Friday with 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to give him all the latest information on what’s happening with the Red Wings. 18:00July 04, 2015
What Should we make of NBA Free Agency so far?NBA free agents are coming at a steep price this summer as several big money deals are being inked around the league. LeBron James and Kevin Love headline this year’s crop of those on the open market. What does the free agent activity from this year mean for the 2016 mega free agent class which is on tap? Who’s won, who’s lost and who’s been left out of the market entirely. What other free agents should we all keep an eye on? One of the worst kept secrets around the league is the Lakers interest in acquiring DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings how likely is it that Cousins will get his wish and get traded? Also how should we expect the Lakers to spend their $23 million in cap space this summer? As for new head coaches which one of them will have the biggest impact on their respective team next season? What is the biggest lesson the NBA learned this season in terms of how they may be able to improve the game going into next year? Ronald Agers a contributing writer at ESPN TrueHoop Network has you covered as he gives us an in depth analysis of what’s happened thus far during this free agent frenzy.24:13July 03, 2015
Steve Dangle- Talks 2015 Toronto Maple Leafs Draft.The new regime of the Toronto Maple Leafs front office had the opportunity to mould a struggling franchise into potentially a respectable and consistent winning product with selecting the right players in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft in Florida this past weekend. This week on the 2Man Advantage Podcast Darrin Di Carlo chats with "SPORTSNET" video blogger, creator and co-host of The Panagos Steve Dangle Podcast. Steve Dangle joins us to discuss the leafs future after the NHL Draft and his thoughts on the leafs signing former spitfire player and coach DJ Smith. Tune in.13:15July 03, 2015
What lessons did we learn from the 2015 NBA Finals?Not since the days of Rick Barry 40 years ago, have the Golden State Warriors tasted the sweet thrills of championship glory. 2015 ended their long awaited drought as the Bay Area captured the ultimate prize with a certain brand of basketball leading the way. Small ball is the new style of basketball emerging as the new preferred way of operation for many teams around the NBA. We saw it on full display during this year's playoff run. With going small becoming the new flavour of the month in popular ice cream, in the association how will it transform the game? What conclusions can we draw from the final result of this year’s Finals series, how should we judge LeBron James considering the fact he lost another championship. While also keeping in mind he played with a much shorter and less talented deck of talent cards? As for the Warriors how their historic run throughout the duration of the playoffs and Finals should be viewed? Ronald Agers a contributing writer at ESPN TrueHoop Network has you covered as he gives us an in depth analysis of what happened on basketball’s biggest stage this summer. As he sits down with 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to chat about everything relating to the NBA Finals.17:34July 03, 2015
2015 Detroit Pistons NBA Draft PreviewFor the Detroit Pistons this Thursday signifies a significant juncture in there rebuilding efforts. As they look to utilize the 2015 NBA Draft to accelerate their return back to a competitive state. Head coach and Pistons President Stan Van Gundy knows Detroit can ill-afford to miss the mark in the NBA’S version of talent acquisition theatre on Thursday, the question becomes which direction will they ultimately go in the draft? According to Detroit Free Press Pistons Beat Writer Vince Ellis, the answer will be overwhelmingly obvious. Find out what gaping whole Ellis believes the Pistons will fil through the draft, and how the Draft will affect the rest of Detroit’s offseason. As they put in the work to ensure they can once again compete at the highest level. You can’t start a conversation about the Pistons under Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower without mentioning how active they’ve been on the trade market since taking over. With four trades since October, the front office of president/coach Stan Van Gundy and general manager Jeff Bower is proving to be active. How will their activity on the trade market affect their draft plans? How important will it be for Reggie Jackson to take the next step forward if the Pistons plan on competing in the playoffs in the future? Ellis also had some strong opinions on those topics and so much more including Detroit’s potential move back downtown. Check out what else Ellis had to say about the state of the Pistons as he goes one-on-one with 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan 16:03June 23, 2015
2ma june 15 podcast.mp3Both the NBA and NHL Finals are in full swing who has the edge in both of those respective series? Justin Verlander makes his return to the mound for the Tigers after Detroit took 2 of 3 from the Indians this weekend. Darrin Di Carlo and Kevin McShan go toe to toe on these issues and more in the latest 2Man Advantage Podcast, podcast. 24:07June 15, 2015
2 man advantage june 10Talking Lions OTA and who looks good and who needs improvement. Also we have a recap of the tigers and blue jays and how long where will there winning streak.16:00June 10, 2015
Let’s Talk Michigan Wolverines Football with Adam BiggersAdam Biggers a Michigan football, basketball, Michigan State basketball writer at Bleacher Report joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday to discuss everything Maze and Blue. 27:45June 09, 2015
Luc Stevenson I want to hopefully bring St. Clair to a level of excellence.mp3Changing the narrative and shifting the pendulum in a positive direction begins with a commitment to engage in the process of enduing the work necessary in order to achieve tangibly positive results. With that in mind the St. Clair Saints men’s basketball team is shifting its focus and headed in a new direction. One they hope will lead them to greater and loftier heights. Oakville native Luc Stevenson gets the assignment of changing the conversation about Saints basketball from a forgotten tale into a promising and winning program. Stevenson inherits a team which finished with a 7-11 record in 2014, and a tie for seventh place in the OCAA West Division. Saints athletic coordinator Ted Beale believes by selecting Stevenson the college is getting a dynamic leader and personality to lead the program into the future. “Well were excited to add Luc and certainly he’s a fantastic candidate interviewed quite well, his passion and energy certainly shown through and allowed us the opportunity to look at some applicants from outside the Windsor area. We felt the time he would devote to it, the passion he would put behind the program was something we really needed to add to our system here, and were quite grateful to put someone in place like Luc,” said Beale Over the past two seasons Stevenson spent time as an assistant coach of the Red Deer College Kings men’s basketball team, which lost in the 2014 Canadian national final. They also captured a provincial crown in 2013. Stevenson says the key to resurrecting the Saints starts with changing the culture and raising the bar. “Having the right culture of excellence to start this program is the way we got to go. Obviously it be nice to win right away, it would be nice to bring a championship to St. Clair but in the meantime, if we’re not playing and doing things the right way they should be done around here, the way I see us doing it doesn’t matter if we win it’s a loss. So if we can build the right culture and grow on that the wins will eventually come through the system,” Stevenson said. Find out what else Stevenson had to say about rebuilding and giving St. Clair’s men’s basketball team an identity as he goes one-on-one with 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan. 8:25 June 04, 2015
What does Mike Babcock’s arrival in Toronto Mean for the Maple Leafs?Mike Babcock wants a new challenge and he’s going north of the boarder in order to find it. Babcock is ready to assume the role of the 30th head coach in Toronto Maple Leafs history looking to resurrect one of the NHL’s most iconic franchises. The Toronto Maple Leafs made the official announcement of the hiring of Babcock on Wednesday afternoon, concluding months of speculation as to where the veteran coach would land. After a decade in the Motor City Babcock thanked everyone from Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch to general manager Ken Holland, to other executives, players, coaches and staffers for their support and friendship during his tenure in Detroit. He said it was difficult to leave Detroit, but that he's eager to begin a new stage of his career. Babcock cashed in on his prestige as the most sought-after hire in hockey. According to multiple reports, he received an eight-year deal that is worth a whopping $50 million. That contract would make Babcock the highest-paid coach in the NHL. Though Babcock was under contract with Detroit through June 30, the Red Wings granted their coach permission to speak to other teams on May 8. With Babcock now in the fold, the Leafs must send a third-round pick to Detroit as compensation. In selecting Toronto, Babcock leaves a Red Wings franchise that had reached the playoffs for an NHL-leading 24 consecutive seasons to a team that has struggled competitively. Toronto missed the playoffs last season for the ninth time in 10 years. The Maple Leafs have also not won a Stanley Cup since 1967, a season before the NHL expanded from its original six franchises. The Red Wings, by comparison, have won the championship four times since 1997. The 52-year-old also coached Canada to Olympic gold medals in 2010 and '14. He brings stability and a high-profile face to a franchise that is on its fourth full-time coach since Paul Maurice took over in 2006. The Maple Leafs had a vacancy after Randy Carlyle was fired in January, and replaced on an interim basis by assistant Peter Horachek. Babcock's decision comes as a slight surprise, given that he indicated last week that he hated losing and wanted to be part of a team that had an opportunity to win immediately. The Maple Leafs have an overpriced and aging roster, and questions at goaltending. The team unraveled last season. After holding a 19-9-3 record in mid-December, Toronto closed the season going 11-35-8 to finish 15th in the 16-team Eastern Conference standings. On the bright side, Babcock is reunited with Brendan Shanahan, who took over as the Maple Leafs president last year. Shanahan played for Babcock in Detroit. Before deciding on the Leafs, Babcock had been in discussions with several other teams, including the San Jose Sharks and Buffalo Sabres. Babcock was the first coach to win at least 50 games in each of his first four seasons with an NHL team. So what does Babcock’s arrival in the hockey mecca that is Toronto mean for the Maple Leafs and the rest of the NHL? How fast can the endless rebuild turn into results under Babcock? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan was joined by CBC Sports producer Alex Maveal on Friday, to talk everything Leafs. 41:57May 23, 2015
How will Victor Martinez’s absence effect the Detroit Tigers? Detroit Tigers designated hitter Victor Martinez was forced to faced reality earlier this week and bite the proverbial bullet and go on the 15-day disabled list, to heal his ailing knee. Martinez could no longer play the role of superhero for Detroit and play through the pain he re-aggravated in his surgically repaired knee. Tiger’s manager Brad Ausmus reportedly had an emotional heart-to heart chat with his switch hitter which led to the obvious decision to shut him down and give Martinez some much needed rest. With Martinez only collecting one homerun and batting .216 thus far this calendar year Detroit is hoping the rest serves Martinez well as they attempt to get him back to 100%. Outside of Martinez how is the recovery for pitchers Bruce Rondon and Justin Verlander going? How soon should the Tigers expect them back and how can they change the dynamics of the ball club for the better? What about surprises both good and bad for Detroit During this early portion of the season and how should the performance of Tigers manager Brad Ausmus be judged this far into his tenure as Tigers skipper? Oakland Press Tigers beat writer Matthew B. Mowery, joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to chat about everything relating to the Old English D. 19;10May 23, 2015
2MA Podcast May 7thWe recap Kevin McShan trip to Chicago and the NFL Draft and our thoughts on the Lions Drafting for Need instead of skill. Also the future home of NHL coach Mike Babcock and which team will land the future hall of fame coach.May 08, 2015
Everything you need to Know about the 2015 NFL Draft.mp3With the NFL draft just days away the gravy train that is the league’s 24-7 year around calendar brings Christmas in April to football crazed fans, and anyone associated with football. Assuming the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Jameis Winston No. 1 overall what type of player is Tampa getting, do his off the field issues draw any level of concern in your mind for Tampa moving forward, and does the fact he played in a pro-style offense in college give him an advantage over Marcus Mariota, further more will his transition to the league be made easier because of the system he played in? Marcus Mariota is the most intriguing player in this draft because of his unique skillset and not having many snaps under center. With that said where do you believe he will end up and how do you believe his transition to the league will go? Besides the quarterbacks what’s the biggest headlines which will define this year’s draft who will need to make the biggest impact inside the top 10 in order to resurrect their f? Could veterans such as Phillip Rivers or Adrian Peterson be on the move on Draft Day? Who are some under the radar prospects people should keep their eyes peered on during the entire duration of the draft who could make an immediate impact? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan will sat down with Rick Staving a NFL Draft and Scouting Analyst for RantSports to get some answers to some burning NFL draft questions this week. 12:41April 28, 2015
What`s the Best Strategy to Return the Toronto Maple Leafs to Hockey`s elite.mp3Dreadfully terrible, are the two words which come to mind for anyone who had to endure a listless display of putrid hockey, exhibited by the Toronto Maple Leafs down the stretch of another pointless and forgettable season. Toronto recently completed one of their worst seasons in more than two decades one filled with so many shortcomings it makes your head hurt. Wholesale changes are coming after Dave Nonis was fired with three years left on his contract after the Leafs went 30-44-8 to finish with 68 points, the fewest in an 82-game season since 1996-97. Interim Head coach Peter Horachek was also given his walking papers as well. What went wrong for Nonis, did Horachek get the short end of the stick after taking over the team and where do the Leafs go from here? What will the Leafs be looking for in the next head coach, how does current Red Wings Head coach Mike Babcock fit into the equation and what kind of identity to you hope the Leafs work to establish this offseason? In terms of major, minor changes which may be coming to the Leafs roster what might those be and how active will Toronto be this summer, as they try to rebuild their franchise? What’s the key to resurrecting one of hockey’s most iconic franchises? Paul Bruno Senior Hockey Writer at RotoWire joined Kevin McShan on the 2Man Advantage Podcast to discuss what went wrong for the Toronto Maple Leafs this season and what they have to do to return to hockey’s elite. 14:22April 23, 2015
Will The New York Jets have a Bounce Back In 2015?The New York Jets haven’t made the playoffs since 2010. Therefore, this offseason owner Woody Johnson wanted to hit the reset button and give his franchise a new identity and a fresh start. One of the biggest storylines for the Jets was the return of Darrelle Revis. Darrelle Revis’s reunion with the Jets is now a reality after signing a 5-year $70 million contract. What does his and Antonio Cromartie’s return to New York mean for the Jets in both the court of public opinion and on the field? What about a reworked and fresh prospective in gang Green`s front office? This offseason Woody Johnson went in search of a new direction for his franchise as he looks to get the Jets back into the playoffs for the first time since 2010. With the assistance of former general manager Charley Casserly he’s selected Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan to lead the franchise into the future. What about utilizing the draft to supplement and improve the quality of the roster. What should the Jets do at quarterback? Maccagnan hasn’t been afraid to pull the trigger on making a splash this offseason bringing back Revis, resigning David Harris and sending a 5th round pick to Chicago for Brandon Marshall how important do you believe was it for the Jets to be active both in free agency and this offseason as a whole to demonstrate they were serious about competing again? How will Brandon Marshall`s addition effect the Jets’ offense? What most intrigues you about what Todd Bowles brings to the table as the new head coach of the Jets? Finally if the Jets are to be successful what is there X factor which will contribute to success? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan talked with Paul Esden Jr. a sports talk radio host for WNYO 88.9 FM, a Jets beat writer for   Truluv Sports to get the inside story on everything Jets.19:31April 17, 2015
2MA Podcast April 15th, 2015This week on the 2MA Podcast Kevin and Darrin discuss the early season success of the Detroit Tigers and how they can win the A.L Central title for the 5th straight season. Also we will talk some PGA Golf with the Masters and how important Justin Speith is winning the green jacket. NBA Playoffs are just around the corner Kevin and Darrin talk about who they like and what to watch for in the NBAs second season.25:00April 15, 2015
Baltimore Ravens Offseason Recap Find out how the $120 million contract signed by quarterback Joe Flacco a few years back may hinder them down the road, which players the Ravens are counting on to strengthen their secondary and who is on tap to fill the void left by Haloti Ngata who was traded to the Detroit Lions. Also get a glimpse of what the team may be thinking heading into the 2015 NFL Draft. 4:23April 14, 2015
NFL Draft Preview in 90 Seconds Turron Davenport a NFL Columnist and Baltimore Ravens Beat Writer for the Baltimore Times gives you an NFL Draft preview in 90 seconds. Find out what storylines and mid-round draft prospects he’ll be keeping an eye on.1:30April 13, 2015
What does Haloti Ngata’s addition mean for the Detroit Lions?The Detroit Lions needed to fill a giant hole in the middle of their defense after loosing out on the Ndamukong Suh sweepstakes. Detroit wasted little time in getting to work to fill that void. Striking a deal with the Baltimore Ravens for Haloti Ngata. By trading for five-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata right at the 4 p.m. start of free agency in early March. Ngata, 31, is one of the premiere defensive linemen in the NFL and has been for several years. He’s entering the final year of a five-year, $61 million contract he signed in 2011 that will pay him a base salary of $8.5 million in 2015. Ngata will count that much on Detroit’s 2015 cap. Ngata has been one of the best run stoppers in the NFL since joining the league in 2006. He might even be better in that aspect than Suh, though he’s not quite the pass rusher Suh is. Last year, Ngata recorded 32 tackles, two sacks, two forced fumbles and two interceptions. He has 528 career tackles and 25.5 sacks. One of the most athletic big men in the game, he also has five interceptions. Since Ngata’s arrival, the Ravens have ranked in the top five in the NFL in run defense seven times. The Ravens ranked fourth last year, allowing 88.3 yards per game on the ground. The Lions led the NFL in rushing defense last year at just 69.3 yards allowed per game Ngata was expendable for Baltimore because of a bloated contract that was set to count $16 million against the Ravens' salary cap this year. With that said, Ngata comes in as the replacement for Ndamukong Suh what type of player are the Lions getting in Ngata? In Baltimore, he played three seasons with Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, then the Ravens' defensive backs coach, and two years with Lions head coach Jim Caldwell. How much do you think his familiarity with those two and the defensive scheme will help his transition to Detroit? The Detroit Lions needed to fill a giant hole in the middle of their defense after losing out on the Ndamukong Suh sweepstakes. Detroit wasted little time in getting to work to fill that void. Striking a deal with the Baltimore Ravens for Haloti Ngata. By trading for five-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata right at the 4 p.m. start of free agency in early March. Ngata, 31, is one of the premiere defensive linemen in the NFL and has been for several years. He’s entering the final year of a five-year, $61 million contract he signed in 2011 that will pay him a base salary of $8.5 million in 2015. Ngata will count that much on Detroit’s 2015 cap. Ngata has been one of the best run stoppers in the NFL since joining the league in 2006. He might even be better in that aspect than Suh, though he’s not quite the pass rusher Suh is. Last year, Ngata recorded 32 tackles, two sacks, two forced fumbles and two interceptions. He has 528 career tackles and 25.5 sacks. One of the most athletic big men in the game, he also has five interceptions. Since Ngata’s arrival, the Ravens have ranked in the top five in the NFL in run defense seven times. The Ravens ranked fourth last year, allowing 88.3 yards per game on the ground. The Lions led the NFL in rushing defense last year at just 69.3 yards allowed per game Ngata was expendable for Baltimore because of a bloated contract that was set to count $16 million against the Ravens' salary cap this year. With that said, Ngata comes in as the replacement for Ndamukong Suh what type of player are the Lions getting in Ngata? In Baltimore, he played three seasons with Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, then the Ravens' defensive backs coach, and two years with Lions head coach Jim Caldwell. How much do you think his familiarity with those two and the defensive scheme will help his transition to Detroit? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan talked to Turron Davenport a NFL Columnist and Baltimore Ravens Beat Writer for the Baltimore Times to discover how Ngata will transition to the motor city.9:22April 12, 2015
Will Ray Rice get another Chance in the NFL? Ray Rice is hoping for a second chance at football. Will any NFL team take the bait and give him a second lease on life on the gridiron? Rice says he hopes any team interested in signing him will "look deeper into who I am." Rice, who was reinstated to the NFL in late November of last year after winning his appeal of an indefinite suspension, for beating up his wife Janay in a casino elevator which left her unconscious and dazed, after a drunken stupor. Rice is now entitled to sign with any NFL team. But the former Baltimore Ravens running back may have difficulty convincing another team following his high-profile domestic violence case, which has gained significant national attention since a video of the incident was publicly released last September. Rice was suspended indefinitely Sept. 8 for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy after a video of him hitting Janay, his then-fiancée, emerged and began widely circulating. The Ravens released Rice that day. The incident occurred in February inside an elevator at an Atlantic City, New Jersey, casino. So the question now becomes for Rice will he be granted the privilege of playing in the NFL again? Has he paid enough of a price for his actions? Will age play a factor in his getting back into the league? Of course there is always the public relations angle to this as well how will it play in the court of public opinion and around the league if Rice is added to another NFL roster? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan caught up with Turron Davenport a NFL Columnist and Baltimore Ravens Beat Writer for the Baltimore Times who had some strong opinions on Rice’s future and how the NFL ought to handle their domestic violence incidents moving forward.9:24April 11, 2015
Will the Return of Peyton Manning Result in a Super Bowl For Denver?For the Denver Broncos the mission is clear, concise and without any grey area. Contend for championships and nothing else matters. Can they send there future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning off into the sunset with that elusive second championship ring? After taking a $4 million pay cut and declaring himself mentally and physically ready to endure another season in the NFL how much do you believe Peyton has left in the tank to give to Denver this season? After the mutual parting of the ways between the Broncos and John Fox, how important do you believe it was for John Elway to find someone in Gary Kubiak he would be more philosophically compatible with? What strengths does he bring to the team as there new head coach? Manning surpassed Brett Favre's career record for passing touchdowns during the 2014 season when he threw his 509th scoring pass on Oct. 20. He finished the season with 530 career TD passes. Manning's 69,691 career passing yards are within striking distance of Favre's all-time mark of 71,838. Manning (179) needs eight wins to pass Favre (186) for most regular-season wins by a quarterback. However, he holds a mark of 1-2 in the Super Bowl. How important do you believe winning another Super Bowl is to his legacy and putting him in the conversation of greatest quarterback of all time? At the end of the day, where does Denver finish the year? Do they have the pieces in place to win it all? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan caught up with James Gomez the executive producer and one of the hosts on The Fan Late Night on 104.3 The Fan in Denver to get the inside story on everything relating to Denver Broncos Football.14:20April 10, 2015
Corey Mace Dishes on winning the Grey Cup and the CFLThe Calgary Stampeders won their first title since 2008 in 2014. It was also the Stamps’ league-best fifth Grey Cup championship since 1992 leaving many Western Canadian football fans with plenty to cheer about. Stampeders’ defensive lineman Corey Mace took some time out to discuss Calgary’s championship run, his personal season in 2014 and what steps need to be taken in order to grow Canadian football in all facets. Also discover what makes Mace tick off the gridiron and why community service is so important to him. 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan sat down with Mace to get the inside scoop on why he loves playing football on the north side of the boarder.13:36April 09, 2015
Can the Toronto Blue Jays Contend in the AL East in 2015?The Toronto Blue Jays are historically known for having fast starts and coming out the gates with a bang the question becomes can they sustain it over the entirety of the season. - It’s been quite some time since a Blue Jays team — particularly one which anticipates to contend — arrived in Florida with so much apparent unfinished off-season business as they have going into the 2015 season. Therefore, the question at the centre of the table in Toronto is, is that a good or bad omen for the Blue Jays? The past two seasons, the Jays came to Dunedin feeling extremely optimistic about their prospects for the season. It came unravelled. Injuries played a part, to be sure, but it’s also possible that those teams arrived in camp a little too comfortable. The two biggest additions to the Blue Jays roster this offseason came in the form of catcher Russell Martin and a blockbuster trade for former A’s 3rd baseman Josh Donaldson. How will those moves in particular strengthen the ball club heading into this season? How will the uncertainty at both Centerfield and 2nd base play out on the diamond? Do the Jays finally have enough to seriously contend for a divisional crown in the AL East? Finally if the Jays are to have a successful season what are the top three aspects of their season that must fall into place for Toronto to consider 2015 a successful campaign? Michael Hoad a Multimedia Sports Journalist for Rogers Sportsnet, joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan to preview the Blue Jays season and to give his insight as to what to expect in Toronto this summer.21:19April 01, 2015
How far can the Cleveland Cavaliers go in the playoffs?LeBron James has a special relationship with Northeast Ohio and he says returning to Cleveland is personal. His sentimental attachment to northeast Ohio played a major role in him returning home and is a key contributor which is driving his motivation to succeed. Now that Cleveland’s native son has returned home, how far can the Cleveland Cavaliers extend their playoff run? What are some of the key factors other than James returning home which will play a role in Cleveland’s success? How important is seeding in the playoffs for the Cavs? After head coach David Blatt recently stressed the importance of the Cavs finishing with the 2nd seed in the East when he said: "We've got to finish in second place," Blatt said I’d like us to finish as high as possible because there's value in that," Blatt reiterated. "We're going to come out and try to win every game regardless of who we are putting on the floor. If we see the need and we have the ability to rest someone we may do that too. We're not going to lose sight of the fact that we're going to compete every single game and not give anything away." How much has the trade for J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert help to build depth on the roster and how will that help throughout the playoff run? Outside of LeBron James the Cavs really don’t have much playoff experience how much will it hurt them? How far can they ultimately go? Could the city of Cleveland finally punch their championship ticket? Joshua Howe a Cleveland Cavaliers Writer for joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan, to discuss the Cavs and what will be expected of them during this postseason.19:45March 31, 2015
Austin Kennedy shares his keys for success for young quarterbacks.mp3Do you have a youngster who has aspirations to play quarterback at the next level? Or have you ever wondered how it feels for a quarterback to get sacked and how they mentally prepare for the physical punishment? If so former Windsor Lancers quarterback Austin Kennedy provides you those answers. 1:45 March 29, 2015
Austin Kennedy Goes 1-on-1Helping to resurrect the Windsor Lancers football program is a personal mission which Austin Kennedy embraced over the last five seasons. He said heading into the year: I chose to come to Windsor because I’m the type of guy who doesn’t want to walk into a wall that’s already been built and protected you wanted to help build that wall brick by brick and then protect it. He helped to establish and maintain high expectations during his tenure under centre. With his career now in the books what’s next for Kennedy as he looks to turn the page onto the next chapter of his life? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan chatted with Kennedy on Friday to get the inside scoop as to what’s next on the Horizon for him.10:31March 28, 2015
2015 NCAA Tournament PreviewWhat are the chances your brackets will be busted this March? Are you ready for the Madness? Darrin DI Carlo and Kevin McShan give you the inside scoop on what to expect during this year’s tournament run.21:53March 19, 2015
What’s Next For the Detroit Lions after losing Ndamukong Suh?The Ndamukong Suh sweepstakes is over and the Lions came out as the big losers misjudging the market for one of their best players and letting Suh take his talents to South Beach. Suh signed the richest deal in NFL history for a defensive player with the Miami Dolphins for six years, $114 million and $60 guaranteed. Which meant Detroit was left scrambling to fill a massive hole in the middle of their defense. On the first day of NFL free agency on Tuesday the Lions wasted little time in filling that void. Agreeing to a trade with the Baltimore Ravens which will send Haloti Ngata to the Motor City in exchange for 4th and 5th round selections in this year’s NFL draft. Did the Lions drop the ball in the Suh negotiation? Are Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand to blame? What sort of an impact will Ngata have on Detroit’s defense? Where does this leave them in terms of the draft? Nick Deziel and Kevin McShan debate the subject. As they examine the current state of the Lions.14:30March 13, 2015
Getting You Ready for March Madness.mp3With Selection Sunday rapidly looming the Madness of March isn’t far behind. So 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan went searching for answers, in connection to the hottest headlines effecting this year’s tournament. Isaac Owusu a NCAA Football and Basketball News Editor at theScore, Inc. joined McShan to delve into what will be on the minds of everyone taking in the action this March. Will the Kentucky Wildcats find a way to complete their road to perfection after finishing the regular season undefeated at 31-0, who is their biggest competition and who will play the role of Cinderella during the craziest three weeks of March? All that in so much more including how the Big Ten will fair in tournament play. Get your brackets ready it’s time to be informed. 7:27March 12, 2015
What to Watch For During the 2015 NBA Playoffs.mp3With the temperature beginning to rise outside and the spring and summer season fast approaching, it’s also about to heat up on the hardwood as well as the NBA Playoffs are right around the corner. Injuries, plenty of surprises and some unbelievable individual and team performances highlight this year in the association. What are some storylines we all need to keep an eye on? Who are some sleepers to watch out for and who will ultimately hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of a long run in June? 2Man Advantage Podcasts, Kevin McShan sat down with Ronald Agers a contributing writer at ESPN TrueHoop Network to receive some answers to some burning NBA Playoff questions.. As you get ready for the NBA Playoffs to tip-off the 2Man Advantage Podcast has you covered with everything you need to know.23:23March 12, 2015
Should the NBA Consider Changing its playoff format?In the interest of competitive balance and maximizing their earning potential should the NBA consider changing its playoff format? NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wants to explore the possibility of shaking things up to reach a larger and more diverse audience. Here’s how Silver’s proposal would take shape. Rather than take the top eight in each conference, take the Top 16 teams and seed them regardless of conference. So would this plan help to drive interest and help to peak the attention of the average sports to take notice? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan caught up with Tony Williams a New York Knicks beat writer for The Metro New Yorker to get his intriguing prospective on the subject. 9:59March 05, 2015
Detroit Lions Offseason Outlook with Carlos MonarrezThe Detroit Lions face several high Profile questions this offseason including: Ndamukong Suh being the hottest commodity on the free agent market, the impending future of running back Reggie Bush and the return of defensive coordinator Teryl Austin and the impact he’ll have on Detroit’s top five rated defense. Those are just some of the hot button topics 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan had the opportunity to discuss with Carlos Monarrez Lions Beat Writer for the Detroit Free Press.19:23February 24, 2015
Detroit Pistons Greg Monroe Podcast.mp3The NBA trade deadline is set to come across the wire on Thursday at 3 p.m. With the Detroit Pistons once again stuck in neutral with a record of 21-33 and just a game and ½ out of the final spot in the East playoffs, the questionremains, would it benefit the Pistons to trade unrestricted free agent Greg Monroe? Would it benefit the Pistons to turn the page? Furthermore could the Pistons actually get something of value in return? How will the decision impact the state of the team now and into the future? Nick Deziel and Kevin McShan debate the issue in the latest edition of the 2Man Advantage Podcast.5:05February 16, 2015
Detroit Tigers Head to Lakeland For Spring TrainingThe boys of summer are back and better than ever. With spring training set to get underway for the Tigers on Thursday, Nick Deziel and Kevin McShan toss around several topics which will be at the forefront of this year’s storylines for the old English D. How will the departure of Max Scherzer impact the club? Did Detroit find suitable replacements to fill out the back end of their rotation? Can Justin Verlander return to CY form? What about the health of Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera? Will they be at 100% to start the season? Finally, has David Price adjusted to life in the Motor City? It’s time to talk Detroit Tigers baseball people get pumped up.7:13February 16, 2015
NBA All-Star Game Podcast.mp3The NBA All-Star Game was this past weekend how much of an impact did it make on the average sports fan? Did you watch? How can the experience be improved? Nick Deziel and Kevin McShan discuss the issue. What is your take away?3:37February 16, 2015
Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Deadline Rant.mp3The Toronto Maple Leafs are in a rebuilding mode once again. Is it time to clean house even more? Nick Deziel returns and offers his thoughts on one of the most frustrating teams in all of Hockey. Enjoy Deziel unleashed.2:13February 16, 2015
2MA FEB 6 RANTS.mp3Darrin Di Carlo and Kevin McShan talk about the slumping leafs and the resurgence of Michigan Football with there new head coach.February 06, 2015
2ma feb 6 superbowl recap and will the lions sign suhThanks to Malcom Butler’s incredible last minute goal interception, the New England Patriots cane out on the wining end of the scoreboard in Super Bowl XLIX. What does the win mean for both Tom Brady’s and Bill Belichick’s legacy? What role does deflate gate play in this discussion and how should this area of Patriots football be viewed? Also the biggest offseason question for the Detroit Lions is the future of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and whether or not the Lions will have the ammunition to keep him in Detroit this offseason. Finally the Lions have also decided to move on from long-time center Dominic Raiola what does that mean for Detroit moving forward and will Raiola be snapped up by another team? Darrin Di Carlo and Kevin McShan recap Super Bowl XLIX and talk about everything from the Seahawks not running the ball to debating if Tom Brady is a legendary QB. Also we talk about the Detroit Lions chances of signing SUH!!10:41February 06, 2015
2MA feb 6 Victor Martinez injury updateKevin and Darrin talk about the bad luck with the Tigers and there all-star hitter Victor Martinez and his knee injury and just what does Detroit do if V-Mart is out for the majority of the 2015 season.February 06, 2015
Toronto Raptors Basketball Update.mp3The 2MA crew talk about the HOT start for the Toronto Raptors. Can this be a special year? Listen to 2MA Raptors Podcast to find out more.6:26November 27, 2014
2MA Roundtable Podcast.mp3The Crew discusses a ridiculous catch on Sunday Night Football, the return of two key Toronto Maple Leafs, University of Michigan Football and should Lions fans look back to last years 1st round pick in the NFL Draft and cringe?9:18November 27, 2014
Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day Preview.mp3The Detroit Lions offense has been ghastly terrible all season long. They haven’t scored more than 35 points since there blowout win against the New York Giants on opening day, and haven’t managed to score more than 24 points since there opening salvo of the year. As Detroit prepares to face their divisional rival, the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving Day can Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson and the rest of the Lions offense figure things out in order to get back into the win column on Turkey Day during their annual Thanksgiving Day showdown? Or will the offense continue to sputter? The 2Man Advantage Podcast crew discuss the state of the Lions and whether or not they can get back on track.8:36November 26, 2014
2MA Leafs Review Nov 18.mp3Nick and Darrin Talk about the recent Leaf Highs and Lows as they lose big time to one of the worst teams in the NHL the Buffalo Sabers.November 20, 2014
2MA Lions Review Nov 17.mp3The Lions look for their 5 straight win against the the red hot Arizona Cardinals but came up short. Was it the running game? the QB? or the play calling from Joe Lombardi Nick and Darrin DiscussNovember 20, 2014
Will Jim Harbaugh come to Michigan to save the Wolverines?The Michigan Wolverines football program is currently in shambles searching for a way back into the conversation as a national and relevant power. The turmoil has been well documented and doesn’t need to be rehashed. However, the question does need to be asked where do they go from here? How can they give their once dominant program a much needed shot in the arm? Could the answer to the Maze and Blue’s ills lie in the hands of one of their native sons? It’s no secret that Brady Hoke remains on thin ice and his future appears bleak at this point. With that in mind, the apple of the eye of the Michigan faithful is there former signal caller and current San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, who they are hoping can come back to Ann Arbor and resurrect the fortunes of the Maze and Blue. Does he want the job? What would it take to lure him away from the NFL? Finally, how quickly could he complete the reclamation project at the Big House? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan examines the state of the program and Michigan`s chances to land Harbaugh.4:34November 08, 2014
2MA Weekly Rants Nov 4thWith Michigan State and Ohio State firmly still both very much in the hunt for the new college football playoff picture Saturday’s nationally televised matchup becomes critically important. As both schools look to remain in contention for the ultimate prize. Does Michigan State have the edge after recently dominating the series between the two? Also who will come out on top? Matt Prater got a second chance to kick the Detroit Lions to victory across the pond two weeks ago, as they put the finishing touches on yet another improbable victory this time against the Atlanta Falcons. As the team enters the 2nd half of the season, can Detroit count on Prater to perform down the stretch? Or will there problems in the kicking game continue to persist? Nick Deziel and Darrin DI Carlo debate both topics in the return of the 2Man Advantage Podcast Classic Rants of the Week.9:23November 04, 2014
2MA Podcast Leafs ReviewNick Deziel and Darrin DI Carlo, are back in the saddle this week and there ready to give you the latest lowdown on everything that is happening with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the early portion of this season. Can the Leafs find a consistent level of consistency this season? Let the debate begin!!!9:13November 04, 2014
Resigning Victor Martinez Should be Tigers Top Offseason PriorityFor the Detroit Tigers there offseason priority list of things to accomplish is both long and challenging. Especially considering all the high profile players who will be free agents five days after the World Series has concluded. From their former CY Yung award winner Max Scherzer, to the uncertain future of Right Fielder Tori Hunter just to name a few. There is certain to be significant change to the Tigers everyday lineup. However, one piece they can ill afford to let get away is there offensive stabilizing force in Victor Martinez. 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan takes a look at what it might take for Detroit to keep one of their most important bats entrenched in the middle of their lineup. 4:10October 25, 2014
MSU Michigan Preview.mp3Michigan heads into East Lansing this week, will they take a pounding from little brother? Listen to the 2MA Podcast to find out what we think will happen!6:47October 21, 2014
Maple Leafs Red Wings Recap.mp3The Maple Leafs get beat by the Red Wings in back-to-back games, is it time for Leaf fans to jump? Also are the Red Wings for real this year? Check out 2MA Podcast10:25October 21, 2014
Detroit Lions Travel to London After Miracle Comeback Against the Saints.mp3The Detroit Lions pulled a MIRACLE comeback, when is it OK to leave a game, before it's over? Nick Deziel and Darrin Di Carlo talk about their chances in London this week! Listen to 2MA Podcast11:29October 21, 2014
Detroit Lions Just Need a Field Goal.mp3The Detroit Lions go on the road for a winnable game versus the Vikings. Can they do it without Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson and can they KICK the Ball! Listen to the 2MA Detroit Lions Podcast to get ready for the game,8:38October 12, 2014
Shane Morris’s Concussion Fiasco Leaves Michigan Scrambling for Answers.mp3The University of Michigan is licking its wounds attempting to recover from the Shane Morris concussion fiasco which emanated from the Wolverines 30-14 loss at the hands of the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The Maze and Blue is under intense criticism resulting from the manner in which they handled the situation. So who is at fault here? 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan adds his two sense to the issue in his classic rant of the week. 5:12 October 02, 2014
MLB Wildcard and Playoff Perdictions.mp3Darrin Di Carlo and Nick Deziel talk MLB playoffs and how the Wild Card games will shake out. Check it out!8:19October 01, 2014
Detroit Tigers ALDS Preview.mp3Nick Deziel and Darrin Di Carlo discuss the Detroit Tigers first round playoff match-up against Baltimore and how far can this team go?7:33October 01, 2014
Windsor Spitfires OHL Podcast.mp3Nick Deziel and Darrin Di Carlo talk OHL hockey! The Windsor Spitfires have started their season, we recap the home opener and the outlook for the Spits for the rest of the season.4:47October 01, 2014
Detroit Lions Week 4 Recap Week 5 preview.mp3Nick Deziel and Darrin Di Carlo talk FIRST PLACE Detroit Lions, recap their week 4 match-up against the Jets and preview the week 5 match-up against Buffalo at home. Also how far can this Lions defense go?10:08October 01, 2014
2MA's Derek Jeter and Michigan Football Rants.mp3Darrin Di Carlo rants about how special it was to see Jeter walk-off in such fashion to end his career and Nick Deziel rants about Michigan football.... think there is a couple things to rant about with that... Don't miss it!!8:35October 01, 2014
Detroit Tigers Upcomming series with KC Royals.mp3Do you think the Detroit Tigers will go into Kansas City and beat the Royals this weekend? Listen to this week's 2MA Podcast as the crew discuss their chances.9:39September 18, 2014
NFL Issues Podcast.mp3The NFL has been in some hot water this week, what do you think of the issues? Listen to this week's 2MA Podcast for more!7:18September 18, 2014
Detroit Lions Week 2 recap and Week 3 preview.mp3SOL stands for Same Old Lions is the team doomed after last week's loss to Carolina on the road, or do they come back strong and beat the Packers at home? Listen to this week's 2MA Podcast for more!10:45September 18, 2014
2MA MSU Oregon Recap Podcast.mp3Darrin Di Carlo and Nick Deziel talk MSU and Oregon and what it means for the Spartans going forward, when Playing teams in the B1G Ten later in the year.6:13September 12, 2014
Detroit Lions Week 1 Monday Night Football Recap and Week 2 Preview Podcast.mp32MA's Nick Deziel and Darrin Di Carlo talk Monday Night Football at Ford Field, preview Week 2 on the road against Cam Newton and Carolina Panthers and give a SHOUT OUT to a listener(Ezell Cox,) that made a comment on our YouTube page about our Detroit Lions Perdictions! Enjoy16:33September 12, 2014
2MA Tigers Royals Series Recap Podcast.mp32MA's Nick Deziel and Darrin Di Carlo talk Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals three-game series at Comerica Park. Also Kyle Lobstein, Don Kelly and much more. Enjoy!6:14September 12, 2014
Kevin McShan's Penn State Rant.mp3Kevin McShan talk Penn State football and how it's time to turn the page.1:40September 10, 2014
Michigan Notre Dame Recap Podcast.mp3Nick Deziel and Kevin McShan talk Michigan football and the ugly loss that got handed to them Saturday.7:09September 10, 2014
2MA Sports Podcast ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeThe 2MA Crew discuss the social media obsession with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is it good for bringing awareness to ALS or is it more of a fad that will soon pass.August 27, 2014
2MA Detroit Tigers Update Podcast Tigers Injury and StandingsThe Tigers have suffered a set back with the loss of Anibal Sanchez due to injury. Are the Tigers doomed?August 27, 2014
2MA Detroit Lions RantsKevin McShan and Kyle Simkins discuss the Lions in this weeks RANTS!!August 27, 2014
2MA Classic Rants! Edit 1 Export 1.mp3Pitching dominates this week’s classic 2Man Advantage Podcast Classic Rants. With the Toronto Blue Jays nine games off the pace in the AL East and four games back in the wild-card chase can the Jays find enough starting pitching to make and contend in the postseason Nick Deziel examines the state of the Blue Jays? While Darrin DI Carlo, tells us he’s sick and tired of the roller coaster ride Detroit Tigers closer Joe Nathan has made the fans endure this season. With Nathan making $10 million a year as a Tiger will he be the reason why Detroit doesn’t make the playoffs? Finally, Kevin McShan sheds some light on the Tony Stewart Kevin Ward tragedy and what it means for the future of Stewart’s career and NASCAR. What can the sport learn from this unfortunate misfortune?9:58August 21, 2014
Detroit Tigers final month outlook Edit 1 Export 1.mp3Can the Detroit Tigers rite the ship and make the playoffs in the last month and a half of the season? Can Detroit keep up with the “Red Hot” Kansas City Royals? Who are playing at a .700 clip right now can they sustain that pace? What about Detroit’s shaky bullpen and their streaky offense? Can Miguel Cabrera find his stroke again perhaps is he still dealing with nagging injuries. The 2Man Advantage Podcasts crew debates the fortunes of the Tigers for the rest of the season. 10:26August 21, 2014
Detroit Lions upcoming season outlook.mp3In order for the Detroit Lions to take the next step under new head coach Jim Caldwell Matthew Stafford must perform at an elite level under center for the Lions to get where they aspire to go. Also what about the other position battles in camp? Who is going to make this team? The team’s performance thus far in the preseason can you gleam anything out of what we’ve seen so far? The 2Man Advantage Podcast crew has an instant debate surrounding everything Lions. 11:44August 21, 2014
Media Days Recap.mp3The 2Man Advantage Podcast crew has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks given you the insight on both Michigan and Michigan State football attending both recent media Days. The Maze and Blue are eager to hit the reset button after a subpar 7-6 year. While the Green and White are on a mission to prove that last year’s Rose Bowl victory wasn’t a fluke and the Spartans are an elite program and are here to stay. We also spent some time talking with Greg Kampe the head coach of the Oakland Golden Grizzlies to discuss the NBA’S one and done rule. The crew recaps all the action over the last few weeks.5:51August 21, 2014
2MA Podcast Rants of the Week!!.mp3Kevin McShan rants about the Johnny Manziel show has takin' over football. Kyle Simkins rants about Tony La Russa comments on MLB HOF. Darrin rants about the JOKE of a suspension that Ray Rice received and Nick Deziel rants about the Tigers struggles even after adding bullpen help.11:24July 31, 2014
2MA Suh Contract Podcast.mp3Nick Deziel, Darrin Di Carlo, Kevin McShan and Kyle Simkins. Talk, debate and argue the Detroit Lions and Suh contract extension. Enjoy!9:02July 31, 2014
2MA Detroit Lions Training Camp Preview Part 2.mp3Nick Deziel and Kevin McShan recap 2MA's visit to Detroit Lions Training Camp.8:19July 31, 2014
2MA Podcast Mac Football Media Day.mp3Kyle SImkins and Kevin McShan recap 2MA's visit to Ford Field for MAC Football Media Day. Stay tuned for the coverage!!7:30July 31, 2014
2MA Detroit Lions Training Camp Preview Podcast.mp32MA Podcast Gang talk Detroit Lions Training Camp and what battles they look forward too!7:59July 22, 2014
2MA Podcast MLB Play of the year and Chad Johnson.mp32MA's Nick Deziel, Darrin Di Carlo and Kyle Simkins talk MLB Play of the year candidate and Chad Johnson's transition to the CFL!7:33July 22, 2014
2MA MLB Trade Deadline Podcast.mp3The 2MA Crew talks MLB Trade Deadline and what the Tigers and Jays might do to help their team!10:17July 22, 2014
2MA Rants of the Week.mp3The 2MA Classic Rants are in full-swing!!! Kyle Simkins Rants about Detroit Red Wings new arena plans. Darrin Di Carlo Rants about Tony Dungy's comments on Michael Sam. Kevin McShan Rants about the end of the Tim Tebow area, and Nick Deziel Rants about the Tigers bullpen and the hate Benoit is getting from Tigers fans.12:56July 22, 2014
2MA NBA Free Agent Frenzy Podcast.mp32MA's Nick Deziel and Kevin McShan cover the NBA Eastern Conference moves and trade talk over the Free Agent period. Talking Detroit Pistons, Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavilers, Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls.16:37July 18, 2014
2MA's Kevin McShan Chris Bosh Rant.mp3Kevin McShan rants about how ridiculous the Chris Bosh contract is and how it'll take it's toll on the Miami Heat.2:14July 18, 2014
2MA MLB All-Star Game Podcast.mp3Nick Deziel, Darrin Di Carlo and Kyle Simkins talk MLB Home Run Derby, All-Star Game and if anyone cares... Derek Jeter and second half outlook.14:59July 15, 2014
2MA Podcast RANTS!!.mp3Darrin Di Carlo Rants about Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson being #2 on Top 100 Players List. Kyle Simkins Rants about Lebron James return to Cleveland and Nick Deziel Rants about how disgusting Michigan Football has become!13:20July 15, 2014
2MA Sports Podcast July 8th.mp3Back from vacation Nick Deziel is flying solo this week, talking MLB All-Star Final Vote in both the National League and American League. Detroit Lions Training Camp Preview and of course a Classic 2MA Rant on World Cup Soccer.24:14July 08, 2014
2MA Sports Podcast June 26th.mp3Darrin is flying solo in this week installment of the 2MA Podcast he will be talking about the red hot Detroit Tigers, What the Leafs might do at the 2014 NHL Entry Draft and he has a passionate rant about the "Bite" and how is the rest of the world is enjoying this World Cup21:07June 27, 2014
2MA Sports Podcast June 17th.mp3We recap the LA Kings winning the 2014 Stanley Cup, San Antonio Spurs Winning there 5th NBA Title. Also we talk about the first week of play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup that and our weekly rants.35:03June 17, 2014
2MA Sports Podcast June 10th.mp3Darrin DDC, Nick Deziel, Kyle Simkins and Kevin McShan are back with an all new edition of the 2MA Podcast this week. We're talking about crowning the new NHL Stanley Cup Champs LA Kings, The NBA Finals game 2 the cramp aftermath and WORLD CUP PREVIEW all that and our weekly rants on this weeks installment of the 2MA Podcast34:16June 10, 2014