Tackling NFL Topics With: Jeff Smith
Kevin McShan
Posted February 18, 2019

Colin Kaepernick has been blackballed out of the NFL now for two-straight years. For taking a knee and stand against social injustice and the most powerful league in all of sports. However, on Friday Kaepernick received some vindication. While it wasn’t the action of clearing someone of blame or suspicion. It was proof that someone or something is right, reasonable, or justified. That someone was Kaepernick himself it appears, as the league, Kaepernick and Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid settled their grievance in connection to Kaepernick’s claim the league colluded against the former super bowl runner-up and social justice advocate for his decision not to stand for the national anthem. Did NFL owners cooperate in a secret or unlawful way in order to deceive or gain an advantage over Kaepernick? It sure appears to look this way. As the league prepares to turn the page from this issue the larger more prevalent question becomes, how far as the NFL come in effectively handling the social justice issues which, are on top of mind to its players, and how far do they still need to go?
Jeff Smith is a sports writer for Heavy. He has covered a wide range of sports for ESPN, USA TODAY Sports Media Group, FOX Sports, Bleacher Report and CBS Sports.  He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan over the weekend to debate some NFL Hot Topics. You can follow him on Twitter @JSM8ith.

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