NBA Rapid Fire With: Jeff Smith
Kevin McShan
Posted February 18, 2019

The Philadelphia 76ers aren’t being bashful about their intentions. The process is over and the time to win is now. There viewing there best shot at a championship in the hear and now, thus they’ve decided to mortgage the future for a shot at instant success. By loading up there starting five with two household names in Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris. Was it the right move to make? Are the Sixers the prohibitive favorite and presumptive nominee to win the Eastern Conference after adding those two superstars to their core group of: Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and JJ Redick? Meanwhile, out west how will the Los Angeles Lakers failed pursuit of Anthony Davis effect the chemistry on the court, overall morale and team’s playoff chance as they fight to make the NBA’S 2nd season? What does it all mean for Lakers head coach Luke Walton, LeBron James and the future of the team? All issues 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan discussed with Jeff Smith, Senior Sports Analyst for over the weekend.
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