So what’s been up with Kyle Simkins?
Kyle Simkins
Posted October 11, 2015

Kyle Simkins is having fun out west in western Canada here’s a look at one of our more energetic members of our staff and what he’s been up to.  It’s time to ask the question what’s up with Kyle Simkins?
The flight to Ghost over Mt. Cartier
Kyle Simkins
Posted July 11, 2015

The scenery in Western Canada  is some of the most picturesque in all of the world and 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kyle Simkins got to see a Birdseye view of Revelstoke, British Columbia first hand, when he took an aerial tour of the journey to   Ghost over Mt. Cartier.  Come along for the ride as Kyle begins his hiking adventure.
Kyle Simkins takes you for a Downhill Tour of Revelstoke British Columbia
Kyle Simkins
Posted May 24, 2015

2Man Advantage Podcasts Kyle Simkins takes you on a downhill tour of Revelstoke
British Columbia, Canada his new stomping grounds. Where turning back the clock today and taking you for a fast paced ride in the mountains out west from last December, fasten your seatbelts for this unforgettable ride.  Let’s go skiing down the mountains of scenic British Columbia as Simkins welcomes you out west.  As we answer the question what has Kyle been up to?