​NFL Chalk Talk with Howard Schlossberg
Kevin McShan
Posted June 15, 2017

PhotoJosie Lepe/Bay Area News Group

The NFL Offseason has come and gone and with teams back in the thick of things during “Football in shorts” at minicamps around the league, there is plenty of offseason news which has the potential to linger into the season.  To get us up to speed on some of the hottest topics facing the league as we enter a new year, 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan conducted a Q&A session with Howard Schlossberg Sports Correspondent, Arizona Republic.

.   In your opinion why hasn't Colin Kaepernick been signed yet?
A: It would be so easy to say he'd be a distraction because of the protest last year. Is it? Hard to say. You know the media would be all over him in training camp, especially at first. Too hard to call right now though.
2.         Can you foresee Derek Carr becoming the first $25 million a year quarterback and what does that mean for someone such as Matthew Stafford?

A: Derek Carr? If he does become such, it says a lot about the market it would set for quarterbacks. Is he worth more than Flacco? Manning? Stafford? Maybe Romo and Cutler would leap out of the broadcast booth and return as well.

3.         What are the top three training camp battles your most looking forward to seeng how they play out?

A: 1) Chicago Bears qu...
Tas Melas Co-Host of The Starters on NBA TV Talks: NBA Finals and More
Kevin McShan
Posted June 12, 2017

Tas Melas Co-Host of The Starters on NBA TV took some time out of his busy schedule on Monday, to stop by the 2Man Advantage Podcast to preview Game 5 of the NBA Finals and lend his thoughts on what we’ve seen, what’s to come and other news and notes from around the league.    He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan for a highly energetic and spirited chat.
Will Former Michigan quarterback Shane Morris succeed at Central Michigan?
Kevin McShan
Posted June 05, 2017

Shane  Morris isn’t ready to throw in the towel on his NFL dream or securing a starting quarterback job in college football.  The former Michigan quarterback is ready to battle to be the lead man at Central Michigan.  Can he reboot but his college career and his NFL dream?
Nate Schneider is a Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun writer for CMU football, he joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Monday, to discuss Morris’s future at CMU and his chances of playing at the next level.
Why Aren’t People Watching more Sports?
Kevin McShan
Posted June 03, 2017

Are you joining a growing contingent of sports fans who are becoming disinterested in consuming sports?  There is a not so secret trend happening in sports broadcasting.  People aren’t tuning in as they once did.  Young people have far more entertainment options than ever before, and spend less time in front of the TV. From Snapchat to Candy Crush, young people are developing new media consumption habits at a rapid clip.  Josh Corman Co-Host of the Read Harder podcast, Contributing Editor at Book Riot & contributor to Kentucky Sports Radio's pop culture blog, joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Friday, to discuss some of the latest trends as to why people aren’t watching or going to as many sporting events as they once did.
Cleveland Browns Confidential With: Dan Labbe
Kevin McShan
Posted May 31, 2017

Can Myles Garrett have the same impact on Cleveland sports as LeBron James?  Can he help transform the Browns into a winner?  The good news is there is nowhere to go but up. Dan Labbe Browns reporter at is in the trenches covering the Browns on a daily basis.  He joined 2Man Advantage Podcasts Kevin McShan on Tuesday, to provide a status update on the state of the Browns and whether the front office, has the team headed in the right direction.