Johnny Manziel is Browns Ticket to the Promise Land
Kevin McShan
Posted May 27, 2014

The balance between necessitating rookies to earn their keep and getting an immediate return on your investment is a difficult tap dance to engage in especially when your franchise has been mired in the seller of dysfunction, mediocrity and complacency since its reincarnation back into the league in 1999.  For the Cleveland Browns they finally seem to be on the right track in gaining traction in rebuilding their infrastructure.  Assembling a solid base on which to pour their foundation particularly on defense with a group of Pro Bowl defensive talent with the missing link being a dependable and reliable starter under center who could take the reins of their offense. 

Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine finally addressed the most important position in all of sports by drafting Johnny Manziel, the multitalented signal caller who yes still needs to earn his respect from the veterans and his spot in the brotherhood known as the NFL.  However, at the same token if the Browns honestly think the ghost of Brian Hoyer is going to lead them to the promise land they are fooling themselves.  Is Manziel ready to be a starter in the league right now?  Probably not however, the Browns aren’t going to be hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy anytime soon and they would be wise to throw the exhil...
The Detroit Tigers Have Their New 'Prince'
Nick Deziel
Posted May 26, 2014

Detroit Tigers Fans, Breathe... Now rewind the tape, back to 2012..

On January 24, 2012 the Tigers signed Prince Fielder to a $214 million dollar contract. The move sent Detroit fans into a frenzy, the thought of having the MIGGY and PRINCE combonation, plus, come on, Prince's dad Cecil Fielder played in Detroit. Fans crowning him the 'Prince' of Detroit before he even had an at bat.

Sounds great right? Now go ahead, fast forward to 2013...24 games, 82 at bats, 18 hits, 1 home run, 3 runs batted in, and a sparkling batting average of .191, many Tigers fans can't seem to forget the classic bell flop back to third base against the Red Sox in the ALCS.

Prince Fielder was signed to do one job, and that job was to protect Miguel Cabrera. After Victor Martinez was injured for the year, Fielder come in and was apart of team that went to the World Series, and batted behind Cabrera in the line-up for a record breaking Triple Crown year, Fielder also hit a career high .313 in 2012. But, the pain of the playoffs and the amount of the contract, made Prince a target to be moved once Victor Martinez was fully healthy after the 2013 season.

On November 21, 2014 the Tigers sent the all-star first baseman Fielder to the Texas Rangers for all-star second baseman Ian Kinsler, di...

Stan Van Gundy Gives Pistons Instant Credibility
Kevin McShan
Posted May 25, 2014

Do you hear the crickets chirruping, do you see the thousands of empty seats at The Palace of Auburn Hills or the state of basketball in Detroit going through cardiac arrest?   That’s right Detroit Pistons basketball has fallen off the map primarily because of mismanagement, a revolving door with head coaches (eight coaches in 13 seasons,) players running the asylum and an obvious disconnect between ownership and the front office.

What does that all lead up to?  A fan base that has grown increasingly impatient with a team which hasn’t made the playoffs in five seasons (the longest drought in the eastern conference.)   As a result people have checked out and the Pistons needed a jolt of both energy and morale. To his credit, Tom Gores saw a sinking ship before it got completely submerged under water and fired Maurice Cheeks 50 games into another failed experiment known as the Pistons attempt to qualify their third consecutive sub-30 win campaign with the designation of a NBA season.  In order to get a jumpstart on giving some much needed stability to his franchise.

In the world of what was possible the Pistons actually got this one right it would appear on the surface.  Hiring Stan Van Gundy who has: A) Never had a losing season as a NBA head coach in eight years,  B...

Dan Miller Says the Time is now for Lions
Kevin McShan
Posted May 23, 2014

Dan Miller told me during our interview he is encouraged with the “No nonsense approach” by The Detroit Lions new coaching staff. Dan also said the state of the franchise is strong and there is plenty to get excited about with this year’s team.  The weapons the team added in both free agency and the draft particularly on offense has him most intrigued. The voice of the Lions is bullish on Stafford and says he has a “world of talent” and he needs to certainly play better, but it’s not all on him.  Do you agree?  Check out my in-depth exclusive conversation with Dan to get the inside story on the Lions offseason, there future and so much more!


Nick Deziel
Posted May 08, 2014

By Kevin McShan

1. Houston Texans Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina

The Texans have two options sitting atop the draft board after a disastrous season which saw them plummet from a legitimate Super Bowl contender to the bottom feeders of the league, going on an 11 game losing streak to end the season.
Do they go with Jadeveon Clowney who   garnered first-team All-America honors, or do they select a new face of the franchise behind center to help orchestrate their transformation project such as Blake Bortles or their hometown boy in Texas native Johnny Manziel? At the end of the day, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum don’t strike fear into many defenses around the league and if the Texans are serious about a quick turnaround, there is no question they need a QB but at what point in the draft to they take one?
After doing their homework the pick comes down to two players, Bortles or Clowney. The freakish athleticism of Clowney wins out here at the top spot of the draft and the Texans rely on O'Brien’s ability to develop quarterbacks and select one later in the draft. While JJ Watt’s ability to help Clowney and get the most out of his physical talent.

2. St. Louis Rams Greg Robinson OT Auburn

Until Sam Bradford defies the percepti...